Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Obama plays on fear with the abortion card

Obama's campaign introduced an ad today in 7 states saying that if McCain is elected abortion will be made illegal in the United States. That is so pathetic and so wrong.

Wasn't he the guy who said he wanted to talk about hope and not fear? Fear is exactly what he is peddling and trying to energize the feminist pro-choice base. Obama has engaged in the politics of fear.

Isn't George Bush the most pro-life President this country has ever had and in 8 years isn't abortion still legal? McCain isn't nearly as resolved on abortion as Bush. In fact, I think under McCain most pro-lifers are mostly concerned that he won't appoint firm pro-life judges and since he probably won't serve more than one term he won't care what the conservative base says about him after the fact. Sarah Palin won't have one bit of input on supreme court justices.

Shame on you Barack Obama. You said you wanted to put the politics of yesterday behind you. You said you wouldn't engage in the politics of fear but you are doing just that. You don't have the integrity or character to be president. You'll do anything to get elected.

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