Friday, September 5, 2008

Shut up Sebelius

The Democratic rapid response team sent it's Kansas whore (someone who is paid to do unsavory things for someone else) Kathleen Sebelius out to bash Sarah Palin after her incredible speech. Jealous much Kathleen?

It is clear to all of us in Kansas that Kathleen Sebelius was really counting on being Obama's VP choice and I'm sure it hurts to see Palin get all the adoration of being chosen for McCain.

I thought it was funny to read the Sebelius comment that Palin delivered the "Bush Administration written speech" well after she failed to deliver nearly as well the Nancy Pelosi written speech for the democratic response to the last State of the Union speech. If you go back and look at the Kathleen Sebelius speech it was in a much less challenging a office with no live audience after a State of the Union speech nobody watched and she still couldn't hit a home run. She was visably nervous and had very little charisma. Funny thing was it was actually a pretty well written speech, remember....."Join us Mr. President, we want to get some work done"? No wonder when Obama considered her as a running mate he must have thought there is no way she could handle the heat of that kind of stage. My little girl could have delivered it with more emotion than our governor. I guess it is easy to see why Sebelius would be a little hurt and angry. She had her opportunity and she struck out and Sarah Palin hit a grand slam. I understand it but it is still pathetic.

It is easy to see that the democratic party's talking points keep trying to suggest that McCain is Bush. To say that Bush's speech writers wrote that speech is such a joke. They have never written a speech that great. This is McCain and Palin not George Bush. They have taken the notion that Bush isn't popular and decided that if they can tie McCain to Bush it will diminish McCain. Interesting idea but it is so transparent the American people will see right through it.

Poor Katie Sebelius.....her ticket to the ball was given to someone else and nobody is missing her at all. Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you get your ass home from Colorado and get back to Kansas and get some work done for us? That would be some real change.


jocosob said...

Obama has jungle fever

travel said...

I voted for her the first time , but she didn't get my vote the second time. She had the Republicans (like me) in this state snowed but I think that has changed with her position on the coal plant and in her veto of stricter abortion reporting laws and support for Tiller the baby killer. I almost wish Obama would have picked her just to get rid of her.

And yes, she gave a lousy speech.

JOCOeveryman said...

Good comments travel. I wrote earlier when she was being strongly considered that I wished he would have picked her.....because they would lose.

Thanks for writing.

Anonymous said...

great post!