Friday, September 26, 2008

I hate Nancy Pelosi so much.....

I heard Nancy Pelosi on NPR two nights ago rant hate toward Republicans with such vitriol that it made me think........I hate this lady so much that given the ultimatum who I'd rather, well, get to know in a biblical way, okay.....screw...and it was kinda a fun list to come up with so here you go and not in any particular order
11 women I'd rather have sex with before I'd touch Nancy Pelosi....... and why 11 and not 10....I always try to over deliver for the fans.

1. Cloris Leachman. I know she wasn't probably that bad back in the day but seeing her recently on a celebrity roast.......

2. Amy Winehouse. When did drunk and drugged out stop being cute? The trend is over.

3. Bea Arthur. Viagra couldn't help get me excited about this or any of the Golden Girls. She was ugly even back in the day....remember Maude?

4. Star "I am a lawyer" Jones. Just imagining all that loose skin after losing all that weight is gross. Was she better fat? Fat or skinny stupid isn't cute. It was her or Mo'Nque on the list.

5. Michael Jackson. Yep, I'd even rather do him, er it, than Pelosi. Dress me like a 10 year old boy.

6. Rosie O'Donnell. Mean and ugly. This was a close one because I almost hate her as much as Pelosi. And this isn't even her fat, butchy look.

7. Jocelyn Wildenstein. Reportedly spent $4 million on plastic surgery to get this look. Ouch.

8. Roseanne Barr. Just the voice alone can break glass but truly seems smoking hot compared to Nancy Pelosi and a three way with her and Sandra Bernhart......that's what memories are made of right there.

9. Lisa Lampanelli. She is funny but really ugly and friends this is the best picture I could find......

10. Kathy Griffin. She isn't funny and really ugly. She wishes she could make the D list. I saw her on TV getting ready for her deal at the Oscars and friends she looks that bad after hours of work.

11. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. It would embarrassing to screw a puppet I know but still I'd rather.........

Would you like to add any to my list?


travel said...

Haha...I could compile a similar list for Harry Reid (oh my god the nightmares - just don't say anything Harry - I can't stand your voice - ) or Barney Frank (Barney Rubble would be better) ..

But I confess...Mitt...different story there

jocosob said...

dude bea arthur is freaking hot.