Saturday, September 27, 2008

Still hate the Golden Ghetto?

Ah, another weekend in Leawood Kansas goes by and not one person was shot. I looked up my zip code in the paper for police reports and not even a single battery, petty theft or MURDER for last week. How dull.

I know....don't hate us cause we are beautiful and rich but because we are safe......

It is so boring with teachers who have contracts, students who have books, Mayor Dunn's husband is too busy making a fortune rebuilding the East Side of KC to show up at Leawood City Hall for much of anything....with or without Allen Edmonds on his feet and safe neighborhoods.

I went down to the city this weekend to the district and over to Oktoberfest as well as to a fundraiser and I felt like I was keeping it edgy. You all are crazy downtown.

What can we do to get the murder rate under control in KC proper? I was reading the story in the paper over the weekend about the murder record and you couldn't help but notice that all but maybe 2 or 3 were black. One was white and it appeared that 2 were hispanic. I think all the murders occurred between 71 highway and I-435 basically between 31st and downtown.

Remember Escape From New York? With Kurt Russell? That movie was freaking awesome. How about we build a wall around that area of KC just like the movie? Let'em fight it out. Anyone who tries to get into Cordish's P&L District but doesn't pass the dress code gets tossed inside the wall. Anyone who causes any trouble gets tossed over the wall.

I saw Lee's Summit just had a murder proving that as much as they want to pretend like they are the "Johnson County of the Missouri" they are still just the same ole Eastern Jack.

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