Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Unless you are voting Nick Jordan your vote doesn't count.....

With all this hubub about the election I just want to remind people who live in sojoco that unless you plan to vote for Nick Jordan in an effort for real change in the Golden Ghetto then your vote really doesn't matter. Read on.

Dennis Moore voted for the bailout despite more than 90% of his constituents calling and telling him not to support it because he only cares about the approval of one person. Nancy Pelosi. 95 Democrats and some 125 Republicans listened to their constituents and voted their wishes. Even we all know a plan will pass later this week it is still nice to see our government actually listening to the people. My guess is we will get a better bill and one that most people have actually read before they vote.

So why doesn't your vote count in Johnson County? I was chatting with a neighbor last night and we were discussing Obama v. McCain. She is supporting Obama and as we chatted she commented that she was impressed that I wasn't trying to change her mind unlike many of her other conservative friends. I reminded her that in Johnson County, in fact in Kansas, it doesn't matter because McCain is comfortably ahead to the point that Obama has bascially conceded it. Kansas always goes Republican in presidential races. There is no reason to be contentious and no reason to argue. I learned this living in Chicago where while I always voted I knew my vote didn't really count in presidential elections because the democrats always win. Of course local/state politics is a much different story where people don't tend to vote in such a partisan way.

Now, if you want to talk about Moore v. Jordan....that does matter but unfortunately it seems like WE have conceded that race to the democrats. The national party is giving Jordan little financial support. Dennis Moore doesn't fear the voter. Clearly he fears Pelosi more than you the sojoco voter. I have heard little talk even from the local talking heads. I don't even hear Kris Kobach beating the drum for Jordan. I'm going to ask once again.....why can't we get this liberal lap dog, Dennis Moore, out of Congress? I hope I'm wrong because I'd like to see a huge surprise come November and get Moore out. We need conservatives and moderates to work together on this.

I also want to bring your attention back to a blog I wrote several months ago regarding Dennis Moore's voting record. He consistently plays the Blue Dog Democrat at home and the ultra liberal Pelosi lap dog in Washington. I did the research on his voting record. I challenge you to read it and do your own research. Friends, this is how he votes. Jordan....get aggressive and put his record on TV!!!!!!!

If you want to make a difference in this race get involved in the Jordan-Moore race because the presidential race in this state is over and it has been for months.


travel said...

I haven't seen a single ad for Jordan. Quite frankly, I don't know anything about him - I think I did get a flyer yesterday but haven't read it. Can't win elections if people don't know you. Sure, I could go to one of the the luncheons we Republicans are invited to but why should we have to pay to get to know our candidate. Shame on the Republican party !

I fear we're headed for a full on democratic blow out this year.

JOCOeveryman said...

You are dead on correct. No money to spend, no TV ads, no mailers. Crap, I just saw my first bumper sticker the other day. Moore is going to kick our ass again.