Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I need to commission a painting of Barack Obama

I found this link to the story in Chicago on JoCo SOB (who by the way is Johnson County's best blogger hands down) about a local dive bar owner that has put up a nude painting of Sarah Palin. In this epicenter of liberals it isn't controversial at all, in fact, as the bar owner knows it is great for business which seems even a little more pathetic to me. Pandering to sell a few more beers. I've been to the Old Town Ale House but I'll never go again......not that they will care.

It is offensive to me to display a picture of Sarah Palin in the nude when she didn't pose for it because for all the obvious reasons. It works to mimimize her as a person and simply reduce her as a piece of ass. If she had posed for it I would say it is her choice and she should live with it but to do it as a political statement is simply demeaning. Where are the liberal feminists on this?

How would Obama feel if I had a painting made of him as a slave in chains, next to a cotton field being whipped by a white master? He should call on this bar owner and ask her to take this painting down and apologize to Sarah Palin.

I'll go further to say I would pay somebody's bail if they will go in there and throw a cup of paint on that painting in protest.

I'm looking to commission an artist to make paint my picture. Anyone interested?

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jocosob said...

you are too kind sir.