Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm ready to call the election.

No, not the presidential election but something equally as contentious in Johnson County (sarcasm noted).......James Azeltine versus Dave Lindstrom for 3rd District County Commission.

Azeltine came out swinging for the 1 day a week, $50,000 a year gig, saying Lindstrom lacked leadership and vision. I haven't heard much since then from either candidate but I've seen the yard signs going up.

I know it is bold of me to make a prediction with 30 some days until the election but I'm ready to make the call.

James Azeltine wins by

10 points over

Dave Lindstrom.

I met Lindstrom recently and had a chance to chat with him for a few minutes. He seems uncomfortable with campaigning and seems at this point to not really care if he wins or not. If you go to his website check out the October schedule.....not much going on there in fact only one thing on the calendar for the whole month. Maybe he has had enough.....he has been there for awhile now. He does however have a pretty nice looking daughter who I met as well and that did make me reconsider for a few moments....we all know that looks count in life. If he wants to keep the job he really needs to step it up in the next 30 days because it just looks like he doesn't really care. He also looks really thin so I wonder what's up with his health. The day I saw him his pants were about to fall off his body. I think the former Chief, old #71, is nearing the end of another career.It seems like he is playing out the 4th quarter of game at the end of a season where the Chiefs are already eliminated from the playoffs.... I seem to see more of his signs in the rural part of the county so maybe the anti-annexation crowd is supporting him. You can check out his website here.

Azeltine will certainly earn the support of Leawood which he already represents on the City Council and I've seen quite a few more of his signs around town including a couple neighbors who don't seem normally interested in such things. His campaign is robust and the website is a huge contrast to Lindstrom's.

James Azeltine earns the endorsement of jocoeveryman as is a good bet to bring reasonable and responsible leadership to the Johnson County Commission and it seems he wants the job......We'll just ask that he keep it straight in the meetings......Madam, uh, Madam Chairman....chairwoman.....what meeting am I at anyway? Just remember Thursdays are County days.

I know there is a little debate going on tonight about a different election so let's all clear our heads, have a few friends over, drink some Pinot Noir and eat some high carb snacks and enjoy. This one, however, is over. Stick a fork in Lindstrom.

On a separate note........Joco SOB cracks me up again today with a dead on list of Fall in JOCO. Trick or Treaters and the shake down over school fundraisers is very funny. How does he always write what I'm thinking but more clearly and definitely more humor? I know the PITCH just came out with their Best of List and I know they wouldn't look down their nose enough to pick a best blogger from JOCO but in God's name I don't know how they overlooked the SOB. Don't worry SOB, just wait until 435 West comes out with their Best of List......those are our peeps anyway......

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jocosob said...

Thanks for the kind words. I have only been up and running for a year, so I am not worried.