Friday, October 3, 2008

Where was the Joe I liked?

If you read this blog with any frequency at all you know I am an unabashed conservative and I support McCain and Palin.

I read TKC this morning as well as watched all the media from last night bouncing around from channel to channel trying to get a new nugget here and there.

I chose to watch the debate on PBS because I could get that in high def and I couldn't on Fox.

I have a couple observations. First, ABC News should be ashamed of themselves for sticking Donna Brazile up there and calling her a "news contributor". That chick is just a pit bull for the democratic party and can't even pretend otherwise. Why can't they put her up there are a "Democratic Strategist" or whatever. I know who she is but maybe Joe Sixpack doesn't.

Second, the bar was low for Palin but the pressure for her wasn't. The is the second time now (first at her acceptance speech) that she has stopped the bleeding for her boss in this campaign. McCain is going to have to score some points of his own if they want to win this game.

Third, Biden made some incredible factual errors that if Palin had made Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric would be hoarse from staying up all night to tell America about it. Karl Rove was quick to point them out as errors of fact.

Fourth, I thought Palin did a great job of reminding people who Obama has been in the Senate. Obama's record is a guy who has voted to raise taxes every time he has had the chance and now that he is running for president he says he will give 95% of Americans a tax break. What he isn't telling you and what I want McCain to point out is that a key caveat to his plan is to let the current tax breaks expire for all Americans and go back to the rates under Clinton. This represents a tax increase for everyone. If a guy's record is to raise taxes then why would we trust him to change and start cutting them. It is against his character and beliefs.

Almost last, I always remember liking Joe Biden. Watching Senate hearings.....yea, I watch that stuff, and the like he was always so affable and charming and yes, smart. I liked how he didn't hold back but did it with a smile. A friend always reminds me you can call a guy a bastard but if you say it with a smile you'll probably get away with it. That guy wasn't there last night. Sure, he said most of the things he needed to say but the charm was coached out of him. It was like he had been given the final directive and was following orders.

Last, who won? Well, unlike most main stream media-celebrity types, you know my bias. You know I'm for McCain-Palin and it won't surprise you to know that I grinned all night because I thought she did great. Did she win? I don't think there was a winner, really, truly. But for Palin to tie with Biden is a great compliment to Palin and certainly gives McCain a chance next week.

Now, John McCain, get in there don't let them tie you to George Bush. Detail and remind us how many times you pissed off this administration by going against them on important issues. Tell us the exact times you called for reform in campaign finance, election laws, pork, budgets, etc. America needs to remember and the mainstream media isn't going to tell them for you.

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