Thursday, October 30, 2008

A future with elected judges....and an early voting report

I had to make a run down to Wichita, Kansas for a couple days for business and I thought people might be interested in how our future would look if Question 1 for the election of judges passes on November 4.

Watching the news this morning and last night here in Wichita I can report not much presidential activity in terms of television ad buys mostly because Kansas isn't in play and if would be a waste of Obama's money. As an aside I talked with an ignorant liberal neighbor who is really living here for her first election and doesn't understand that Kansas really isn't in play for Obama. Interestingly, I did see a Pat Roberts ad but mostly......lots of TV ads guessed it.....JUDGES running for election. Is this what we want? Did I already tell you that there are 20 on my ballot this year for retention? Can you imagine 20 more campaigns? Please vote no on Question 1. For all my fellow conservatives out there who think I'm crazy on this question let's instead commit ourselves to getting the right people on the nomination committee but more importantly let's get a governor elected who will appoint non activist judges.

I voted yesterday before I left town....

Also, by way of JOCO reporting I voted yesterday before I left town at the Olathe election office. I was given a little tidbit that Metcalf South had a hour and half wait and Olathe was only about 30 minutes. I will commend the election office for a very smooth process, very nice workers and a nice experience. The turnout was very constant and for 1:30 in the afternoon it was quite busy. Looks like a huge turnout this year. I saw several people I knew so don't go in your workout gear.....luckily I looked my normal, fantastic, professional self. Good luck and go vote. Another piece of advise...... I prepared in advance as you know in preparing your voter's guide. You can get a sample ballot at the Johnson County Election Office web site and it does make it quite a bit faster if you, dare I suggest, study up before you go or you can just take my Voter's Guide posted earlier. There really is more things to vote than you would think. Vaya Con Dios! I'd love to hear your experiences of voting.

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