Thursday, October 30, 2008

Toplikar can't admit error

Wow, even when caught on video tape he still follows the tried and true method of politicans...deny, deny, deny.

Even from an idiot like Toplikar I expected maybe a back handed apology. YOU WERE CAUGHT ON TAPE!!!!!!!

If Hayden can't beat him now it will prove that Toplikar is truly bullet proof and should run for president.

You can read the story here.


Gabriel said...

Pretty sleazy, I don't think he'll weasel out of this one.

Fed up in the 6th said...

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Toplikar supporters buying his brand of manure. I am very concerned that he will hold on to his office in spite of this. What makes that even more tragic as it will validate his "ass-titude".

Anonymous said...

I was reading the Star today, and it was saying something like how he was doing Hayden a "service," by "moving" his sign. I find it astonishing, I live on Mr. Toplikar's street, how many damn signs are still in some individuals yards. I'd be embarrassed of myself for supporting Mr. Toplikar. Look, I feel bad for the guy, I know he needs the job, I'm not being condescending or anything, but JC needs new leadership for CC and Hayden seems to have the energy to do it. On some things, I'm not sure I won't agree with Hayden with, but at least I know he'll actually be a positive force at the chair. Right now it' might as well be empty, because I can't name anything Toplikar has done, nor can he.