Friday, October 31, 2008

Why a stimulus check is just stealing from your kids

We don't need another stimulus program. A stimulus program is just a welfare program and we don't need people getting used to it. The last program didn't work so now Pelosi is calling for an even bigger one. Most people put their checks in the bank or paid down some credit cards which was smart. Most people either didn't need it or for people who could use some help it wasn't enough. We didn't qualify for a check so we didn't actually get one even though our income was cut in half from last year. They based it on last year's tax return.......brilliant idea that someone who perhaps lost their job in the fall of last year but exceeded the limit for earnings didn't get any help. But you know what? While a little rebate check would have been nice we really didn't need it. I'd rather see the money go to somebody who really needs it.

Here is the dirty little secret. Here is some news for both McCain and Obama. I don't need a tax cut. I don't want a tax increase either. I'm actually just fine and I think the current tax rates would be a reasonable amount to pay to fund our government. Would I take a little lower tax? Sure, but I don't really feel like I'm incredibly over taxed right now. Why don't we forgo the tax cut/increase talk and just reduce spending, wasteful programs and retire a little more debt? If we are going to give some tax breaks let's use them as an incentive to grow business or target it to people who really need the help. Frankly, it isn't me and it probably isn't you. Of course the biggest problem is that any of that stimulus talk is just adding to our debt. That is debt that our kids will have to pay off.

Everybody who wants a stimulus check can argue that it is really our money anyway except that it isn't. It is your kids and grandkids money. We've overspent our money and taking checks from the government feels like we are all getting put on welfare. It is really no different than raiding our kids savings and college funds. You wouldn't think of doing it but most of us are happy to let the government do for us.

If Obama is elected get used to it. Americans will sadly get used to looking to government to solve their problems.


I Travel for JOOLS said...

Obama has already convinced hundreds of thousands of people to hand over hundreds of millions of dollars to him so he can throw extravaganzas with their money while they ball like babies with adoration of him. This is despite the fact people are simultaneously losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in their 401k's and other investments.

Now, anybody who can do that will be able to convince these sheep that he knows what's best for them. I am convinced there is no argument that can be made to make them believe differently. They don't care who his shady associates were and are. They don't care if he is giving their money to organizations that openly encourage voter fraud. They don't care about his views on abortion, his lack of experience or his record.

He is their Messiah.

JOCOeveryman said...

And he will come among you like wolf in sheeps clothing......a mass deceiver....

You are right but I have to try to get the word out. It isn't looking good but we still have 4 days and a chance.