Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It is getting a little surly out there people.

An excellent friend of the blog sent me these great pictures today which means I'll put off giving you my Jocoeveryman Voter's guide for Nov 4th for tomorrow. It will be all you will need on election day if you live in southern johnson county.

For today though proof that this election season needs to come to an end......

I'm not for destroying other's property at all and I repudiate these actions as a Republican and an American but it does pose the question I wish more people were asking about Obama.

If you raise corporate taxes like Obama says he will do under his plan how will he keep them from either:

1. Moving the jobs out of the country

2. Passing the increase onto the consumer

3. Laying off a percentage of the workforce

See, corporations don't pay taxes. They pass them along as a cost of business. They don't absorb costs like these they pass them to you. So increasing the our corporate tax rates, which are second highest right now only behind Japan, is a horrible idea. Their other options are to move out of the country or to lay off workers to defray the cost but they will not absorb the loss. Liberals don't seem to understand this concept. Is socialism their answer?

Think about it.

These pictures were taken today on Ward Parkway. How are you all feeling today Comrades?


SFRBV said...

FANTASTIC Photography!

I don't know why the vandals didn't use a better paint color. Take after PETA. The redder, the better.

jocosob said...

god I love that photo

JOCOeveryman said...

Of we in no way condone the defacing of people's personal property in sojoco.

SFRBV said...

That's your punishment for living in kcmo I suppose.