Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Your November 4th Voter Guide

As promised here is all you need to go to the early as now for early voting at your County Election Office. Don't worry. Jocoeveryman has researched the issues and will tell you how to vote. I won't bore you with elections in Missouri or elsewhere because that is just commentary. I've done lots of research here for you so pay attention people. Here is what you need to know. Your Johnson County Voting Guide.

Johnson County Question #1 on electing Judges: NO. See my previous blog on this topic for details.

Johnson County Question #2 on the Research Triangle: YES. It is a bitter pill to approve a new tax especially one without a sunset clause but this is the cost of economic development that will be recession proof. As long as there are people dying of cancer business will be good. It also unlocks tons of federal money for our region. Tracy Thomas is for it...enough said.

Johnson County Commissioner District 2: John Patrick Segale. Is doing a good job. Keep him there.

Johnson County Commissioner District 3: James Azeltine. Lindstrom seems to be a nice guy who doesn't seem that passionate about the $50K a year, 1 day a week gig. Azeltine is energetic, conservative and wants the job.

Johnson County Commissioner District 6: Calvin Hayden. Toplikar continues to be unbelievably poor at his job but either his voting block of Olathe seems to like stupidity. Hayden offers a real choice as a conservative and the intelligence and energy to make good things happen. If everyone who isn't apart of Toplikar's vast family in Olathe would stand up they could get this done.

Johnson County District Attorney 10th: Steve Howe. I've blogged about my reasons which I'd encourage you to read. He is the one not connected to Morrison or Kline and would take the politics out of upholding our laws.

US House 3rd: Nick Jordan. Moore is a liberal lap dog for Pelosi in Washington and plays the blue dog democrat back home. I like him as the blue dog democrat back home so let's keep him here and take back the 3rd. I researched his voting record. He can't deny it. All the liberal groups give him great ratings and conservative interests give him poor ratings......

US House 2nd: Lynn Jenkins. I really wish this was my district. Boyda is horrible and an embarassment our government hasn't seen since Carol Mosely Braun. Lynn Jenkins is a fiscal conservative and has a great chance to take back this seat. Jenkins is the perfect fit in this district that has become increasingly moderate and Jenkins plays well to that group. Boyda is way too liberal for this red area and only won because the incumbent Republican she ran against last time had scandals surrounding him.

US Senate: Pat Roberts. Not even close and neither will the election. Slattery is a Washington wine and cheese elite who couldn't even be bothered to show up when he did have an elected job. He probably mocks us as stupid farmers to his Washington buddies.

For Kansas House of Representatives and Senate there are far too many for me to understand beyond my own district but here are some to support:

House District 14: Lance Kinzer. The incumbent stalwart conservative. Olathe.

Senate District 7: David Wysong. Champions smoking ban. Mission Hills
Senate District 10: Mary Pilcher Cook. Strong supporter of limiting abortion. Jordan's old seat.

Senate District 23: Karin Brownlee. Good conservative. Olathe.

House District 24: Ronnie Metsker. Has done a nice job in filling mid term vacancy.

House District 27: Ray Merrick. Stilwell incumbent who isn't afraid to challenge the status quo even in his own party. The McCain of Kansas.

State Board of Education District 2: Sue Storm. Her challenger is Republican Mary Ralstin and doesn't have the chops of Storm yet basically supports the same positions. Both are moderate and party affiliation shouldn't matter in this race.

President and Vice President of the United States of America: John McCain and Sarah Palin. Don't believe a guy who has been among the most partisan members of Congress based on his voting record who says he wants to govern from the middle but has never voted anything but liberal and says he won't raise your taxes. If elected Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will own this guy and we won't be able to stop it. He couldn't govern from the middle if he wanted to because they won't let him. Pelosi and Reid really scare me.

The following are hold your nose and pull the lever votes. In other words, they aren't my kind of candidate but they are better than the alternatives.

KS Senate 11th: John Vratil. A moderate who has significant power in the KS Senate. Better to try to control him than replace him. A key to the Johnson County delegation. To replace him would be lunacy.

KS Senate 9th: Julia Lynn. She is running against former Olathe School Super Ron Wimmer who left the district in the ditch. She is filling O'Connor's unfilled term but needs to show herself more accessible to her constituents. This is dangerous race because Wimmer knows the issues and has name recognition. Don't vote for Lynn, vote against Wimmer.

KS State Rep 28th: Pat Colloton. Another of the Johnson County moderates but she is running against an 18 year old who can't wipe his own nose and would rather be at the Bottleneck in Lawrence than campaign. Conservatives need to coach her up. She has clout in Topeka.

Judges up for Retention Votes: YES.....19 times. Look, if activist Tim Golba who is heading the effort on question 1 won't post any recommendations on his site then none of them must be bad enough to kick out. Do you realize my sample ballot has TWENTY judges to vote for regarding retention? Imagine if we had to endure a partisan campaign from all of them. This would be a boom for printing companies. Think of all the yard signs, bumper stickers, me a headache just thinking about it. The only NO vote is Charles Droege (Div. 8) who is an ultra liberal appointee of Sebelius. We should get rid of him before he becomes comfortable there.

Go vote! It is your responsibility as a citizen. Don't just waste it.

Say what you want about George W. Bush but this woman got the right to vote because of his resolve and leadership and her daughters will get to go to school and learn to read and learn math and maybe solve some of the biggest problems of our lifetime like maybe a cure for AIDS or cancer or maybe cold fusion or something cool like that...... under the Taliban little girls were not allowed to go to school and their moms not allowed to vote. How cool is voting to her????

And never forget that this guy made it possible. Vaya Con Dios!!!!


Kevin said...

Jim Slattery grew up on a farm in Atchison county, and his brother still farms there. He understands the troubles Kansas farmers face as well as anyone. He had a 95? 97% attendance record until the last two months in office, when he was in Kansas running for governor.

JOCOeveryman said...

So what? I grew up working on a farm and I don't claim to know the troubles of farmers and my brother is a nurse and I don't claim to know the problems facing nurses. My point is that doesn't mean anything to refute my claims that he has become a Washington wine and cheese elite who doesn't care a bit about Kansas. So who was representing us while Jackass was losing his race to be governor? I ought to thank him because I'd rather have him not vote than vote the way he did when he was there.

travel said...

I've been soul searching Julia Lynn. I've met and talked to her at length and agree with almost everything she believes in but she let me down big time on illegal immigration and we had some rather heated e-mail exchanges which I find hard to overcome. I don't know Wimmer. I don't know what I'll do.

I'll follow your advice on Toplikar.

JOCOeveryman said...

Julia Lynn is definitely on the "hold your nose" and vote list for a reason. Mostly because of things I've heard about her regarding being responsive to constituents.....and sending nasty emails to you certainly seems in character based on what I've heard.

I wouldn't blame anyone for not voting for her. Sounds like she needs to learn some better manners.

Regarding Toplikar: I'm becoming convinced this is our best chance to get him out in quite awhile. I'm seeing lots of Hayden signs. I used to get blasted pretty good when I'd write a post about him from his supporters but I haven't seen it much so maybe his strong support is starting to slip.

Dark Swan said...

I bet you voted for George Bush twice too.

Thanks for the list, I'll be sure to vote against every person you've highlighted.

Its time real Americans stop being led by the nose on socially polarized topic like abortion that are just there to cause infighting among citizens. Its time to clean out the garbage and start electing officials with some economic sense. Enough of the divisive invasive based politics started by guys like Phill Kline and carried on by the ineffective likes of Mary Pilcher, yuck! Enough!!

JOCOeveryman said...

Dark Swan, thanks for comments. I appreciate all thoughtful opinions. I bet we agree on the Johnson County Question 1 especially as passionate as you seem to be about the abortion issue....seeing how Tim Golba is behind it.

You make a valid point in that one issue doesn't make the candidate. I personally think abortion is a horrible thing because I think all life has value and it can't be argued that abortion minimizes the value of life but you are right in that we need some people with some sense....especially economic sense these days.

I've been no fan of Phill Kline either (heavily documented on this blog) so we agree there too.

The abortion issue won't right itself by changing the law unfortunately. We have to change people's minds so dogma won't help.

It just so happens that most people (not all) who support life are people who favor smaller government, less entitlements, and reform....unless of course you count GW Bush who doesn't seem to understand that with tax cuts you must cut spending as well....

Please comment again and I hope you'll join me in voting against electing our judges via question 1.