Monday, October 27, 2008

The Toplikar-Hayden race just ended

I already received a comment this morning regarding John Toplikar's thieving actions revealed this weekend. When I heard the news blurb on TV yesterday it was all I could do to not run to my computer and whip out an I told you so about this idiot. However, I do have a life of some kind so it had to wait for this morning. John Toplikar.....sign pirate. Arrrrrg! This is classic. I saw Calvin Hayden on TV and he played it just about perfectly.....Way to go Calvin and good luck in your new position as Johnson County Commissioner. You can read the news story here.

Well, John Toplikar has shown that this job is really, really important to him. Losing this seat and the $50K a year that comes with it will probably be a big deal to a carpenter. So important in fact that he is willing to steal Cal Hayden's signs if it will help him win. He was caught red handed...on video by his opponent and they called the police and the police issued him a citation. John Toplikar is a dumb ass!

I really liked the guy in April 2008 who blasted me for calling Toplikar out as an idiot saying Toplikar is a man of integrity. I'd like to see him come back and post another comment. Here is his comment which seems so ridiculous today.

Anonymous said...
Wow! For what seems to be a professional journalist, this guy does not know what he is talking about. I feel sorry for whoever reads this article, because as it plainly states - the writer did NOT know who John is and has NEVER lived in Overland Park, but yet feels compelled to go raving on a matter that doesn't even concern him! I would say that for such a prestigous writer, you should really find something else to do with your time than hammer out blatant words that in turn show how unintelligent you portray yourslef to be. John has been an impecable political figure in all of his history as a politician and only shows complete honesty, unwaivering beliefs in what the people want and what he knows is right despite those that are willing to disappoint 'the people' to promote only themselves and take the easy way out. If only you knew your politics and what kind of politician John really is, you wouldn't dare to write something so utterly incorrect and to so poorly misjudge another honorable person once again only trying to do the right thing.

Even before this incident I really felt the momentum building for Hayden, clearly so did Toplikar, in a way I haven't seen in past elections so this just seals the deal hopefully and I won't have to waste any further band width on John Toplikar. What else has he done to protect his seat? Interesting question. If he would do this what else has he done and not been caught? Besides, any idiot knows you send someone else out to do that kind of dirty work. Classic.
Here is a link from You Tube of him being caught on video by a Hayden campaign worker....BTW, nice van Toplikar. You can't be serious.

Life in SOJOCO was on record a year ago about John Toplikar. Maybe now you all will listen. John Toplikar should exit this race now and apologize for his actions.

Maybe this picture below is John Toplikar in action trying to be a good republican and help defeat Obama. Any more brillant ideas, John????


Anonymous said...

Its Calvin, not Clayton. But I do agree that as long as becomes Commissioner Hayden we'll all be better off.

JOCOeveryman said...

My mistake. I knew that but I was typing, thinking, writing pretty fast today. But with the magic of editing I fixed it....

I agree Commissioner Hayden would be best.

Vaya Con Dios to the new Commish.

jocosob said...

I laugh every time I watch that video.