Friday, November 28, 2008

It is Friday so here are the best and worst wines of the week.

Here we are again on another Friday and another installment of this week's best and worst wine of the week. I'll keep it brief this week. Wine is awesome. Why don't some of you send back wines you have enjoyed......I'd like to see what everyone is drinking.

This week's best wine I drank: Trefethen Double T Red. 2005.

Where I drank it: Home. Bought it at a wine shop.

How much: $19.99

Thoughts: This is a blend of the classic bordeaux varietals: Cab, Merlot, Malbec, Cab Franc, Petit Verdot. I liked it because it was pretty rich and lush and had nice chocolate notes. It was wasn't huge and tightly wound but it had plenty of structure and plenty of pleasing fruit and some vanilla from the french and american oak. Trefethen is a great winery that people seem to forget. This would be great with burgers, steaks, grilled red meats. I wouldn't call it especially age worthy but very nice right now.

The Olbermann wine (worst wine of the week): Mt. Pleasant Norton 2004, Missouri.

Where I drank it: Home.

How much: $33.99. Bought it a wine shop.

Thoughts: In keeping with this week's theme of hating on Missouri....don't you like how I do stuff like that.....I thought I'd pick on a Missouri winery. I thought of highlighting a Kansas wine for the favorite wine but I have to be honest....Kansas wines aren't any better. Sorry Somerset Ridge. I've often commented when people ask me about local wines that really the only grape I have much respect for is Norton but I do say that there is potential. At its best it reminds me a bit of Rhone blends but poorly made it is so foxy and weedy. This is the case with the Mt. Pleasant 2004 Norton. Any fruit qualities are ruined for me in these off flavors. Further, it is stupid expensive. At $34 you can drink lots of and lots of wines that will kill it with one arm tied behind their backs. If good examples of Norton were priced at $12-$15 I would on the bandwagon, especially the versions that aren't so weedy and foxy, but these kinds of prices are ridiculous. Don't waste your money. is from Missouri.

Cheers! Have a nice weekend.

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