Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let's help Google help the CDC.....6 things you can do this week

I saw with interest on TV and in the paper this morning about how Google is going to offer information on people's searches for health care information to the CDC in an effort to identify trends and tracking the spreading of the flu. Apparently, according to Google 40% of searches are health symptom related. For now they claim they are focusing on the flu but the article says they are eventually hoping to use it to track diseases worldwide.

Then I got a little ornery streak and thought how can we have a little fun with this idea?

Wouldn't it be awesome if we could get everyone in Kansas City to conduct the following Google searches this week and get the CDC all worked up?

1. Yellowish discharge genital area

2. Sores and rash on gential area

3. treatment for crabs or body lice itchy crotch

4. Foul smelling crotch

5. Burning during urination excessive discharge redness

6. Sick of Funky mayor

I could just see the CDC sending scientists into KC wearing those contamination suits descending on us. We are looking for people who are feeling sick with this Funky Mayor! We must isolate the problem before the whole country is infected.


Anonymous said...

Sadly JOCOMAN I suffer from many of those nasty symptoms you have listed...all given to me by an old college boyfriend(who now resembles Jimmy Neutron)...who knew he'd give me something that would last longer than our love...HERPES!
Thanks for the chuckle.
PS-always wear a condom and your weiner won't become a victim of a drunken stooper.

SFRBV said...

...and I've officially lost my appetite.

"Yellowy" and "Discharge" together in a sentence is almost as bad as "moist panties"

I'm gonna vom.