Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post Election Thoughts

While from many corners of the conservative blogosphere you will in all likelihood see anger directed in all kinds of directions this morning I plan to tact a different course.

Watching the results come in didn't shock me in fact I think many of us were already prepared like a son who has to watch a father slowly succumb to cancer knows when the end is nearing.

I have just a few initial thoughts on the Presidential race and I think they come from the Johnson County conservative perspective. Kansas went almost 60% against Obama so there are plenty of people in the state today whose man didn't win. It was an amazing historical night and it will be an interesting ride.

First, I thought John McCain's graciousness in concession was another fine example of how much this man loves his country. Starting with and including me I don't know if I can remember a person who loves his country more. Truly, we all knew it based on his sacrifices but his eloquence in the face of defeat to put his country first resonated with me to the end. The way he asked for good will and called Barack Obama HIS president was a strong statement. It made me recall the nastiness and divisiveness of past democrats after the Bush victories where they would say, "He isn't my president" and the nasty speeches of Gore and Kerry after 2000 and 2004. I hope that as conservatives who opposed Obama that we can follow his example. I thought of that wonderful example McCain demonstrated and that I felt it just wasn't words but that it was heartfelt. It made me proud.

I was very much looking forward to Obama's speech because you just know he is going to give a good speech. Truly, what is it about many African Americans that gives them the ability to deliver such incredible speeches? From MLK, to Jessie Jackson to JC Watts....but not Colin Powell.....even Bill Cosby and Maya Angelo have delivered some of the most inspiring words and speeches I can recall. I'll never forget how SNL played on that idea when they had Jessie Jackson read "Green Eggs and Ham" one night during their Weekend Update segment. It was amazing. I wish I could inspire people in that way. Anyway, the speech on points of inspiration didn't disappoint. If he has a successful presidency it will go down as one of the great American speeches. Like the Gettysburg Address and the MLK's "I have a dream speech" it will be as beautiful read as heard.

Now we'll see if he is the ideologue he has been all of his life or the pragmatist he claims to have become. I think this country elected the pragmatist. We'll see if he is the ideologue who was the fourth most liberal in the Senate by voting record and the guy who voted against Justices Alito and Roberts because they didn't share his views but have proven highly qualified or is he the pragmatist who said we need everyone to solve this country's problems? Does he mean that he wants to work with all of us only so long as we agree with him? When he said he would listen the most when we disagree will he be genuine or will he use the same old rhetoric and call us partisans? It is my sincere hope that he is not the guy he has been in the past. He has spent the past 21 months assuring us he isn't. It is my sincere hope that the ultra liberals in the house and senate who have been his friends don't keep him from moving to the center as he promised. Once the glow of last night wears off we'll see where he lands. It was a masterfully run campaign with few mistakes. He has the chance to be very special. I pray and hope he seizes it.

Now, some more interesting local races. Hayden and Toplikar is too close to call. Toplikar lost a close one to Ruth Ann Hackler years ago for State House. Hayden has a slight lead and I can't believe that the idiot, Toplikar, is even making this a race. If he survives Hayden what can the Johnson County Commission do to discipline one of their own for his behaviour? I'm guessing that early voting played a role.

I had a few things to be joyful about last night. Lynn Jenkins beat that smug ass Nancy Boyda and that made me smile. Walking out on General Petraeus was a really, really bad idea. Johnson County Question 1 failed and now Tim Golba and Phill Kline have been handed yet another defeat. Speaking of another defeat Steve Howe beat Rick Guinn as people said they wanted to move past Phill Kline. I remember several readers told me that I was a fool for not supporting Kline and the Guinn would kick Howe's ass. Tim Golba and his crew need to find a new strategy.

I want to focus on how we beat Dennis Moore. I keep saying we need a better candidate. Nick Jordan kicked Dennis Moore's ass in the only debate I saw but I don't think anyone else saw it. Jordan wasn't a bad candidate but his campaign too slow out of the gate and not well enough funded. Our best chance is in 2012 when the area gets redistricted and it becomes a more conservative voting area. So, do we find a sacrificial lamb for 2010 and focus on 2012?

I was shocked to see that James Azeltine was beaten so soundly by Dave Lindstrom. I guess I didn't get the dynamics of the race and I certainly don't understand Lindstrom's base. I expected it to be much closer and a Azeltine win. I am going to keep a closer eye on the Johnson County Commission over the next few years.

I guess from a national perspective it is a new day. For today, I'll choose to celebrate how far we've come as a country to elect the first half half white....whatever.... President of the United States. I'll celebrate that democracy survives even while we may be seeing the end of capitalism as we know it.

The republican party deserved this smack down because of the way they acted and what they became over the past 6 years. We don't just need a better strategy we need to act better and once again be the champions of not just taxing less but spending less. The good news for us is that the Republicans have no clear leadership, no status quo to hold us back from reclaiming our roots. We've got work to do.


I Travel for JOOLS said...

The fact is, none of us know Obama. His record is sparse and what there is of it I find troublesome. But, what troubles me even more is that when he is challenged about the more controversial parts of his past or his record, he denies it. How can anyone believe he did not know the real Rev. Wright after 20 years of attending his church and a seemingly intimate relationship with the guy? How can anyone with half a brain believe that a guy with an extraordinary IQ could not know exactly who Bill Ayres was or what he stood for? And then there's Tony Rezko and the list goes on. In the best case, I believe he associated with these people to further his political career. In the worst case, which I hope isn't true, he actually believes what they say and advocate. Time will tell.

Regarding Dennis Moore, he won because he was known and Jordon wasn't. Simple. Want to beat Dennis Moore, then the next candidate needs to introduce himself, even by no other means, door to door. The flyers that arrived in the mailboxes the week before election didn't cut it. The debate. What debate? I never heard there was one. Next time the Republican party of Johnson County better wise up.

Anonymous said...

Kansas is the Mexico of Nebraska, and the stagnate water hole of the country. Time is frozen in Kansas for the people there are still living in McCarthy's era. They're the fools but very proud of themselves, and it is the trademark of all fools. The truth is that for all your "values" voters in Kansas, the real value can only be found in the fast food restaurant with the golden arches, and it is full of mad cow disease.

JOCOeveryman said...

Jools, I don't think you and I are disagreeing at all but the time for anger over Rev. Wright, Ayers, and Rezko was months ago and the press and by extension the people gave him a pass on that stuff.

I guess all I can hope for now is that he decided somewhere along the line that he isn't going to be that partisan guy he has been all his public life. You are right, time will tell but I refuse to be the angry guy like the liberals were when we beat them. I refuse.

Regarding Dennis Moore. Believe it or not there was a televised debate and I just happened to catch it. That is why you need to read my blog because I catch things the average Joe misses :-)Jordan really did kick his ass but you're 100% right. Nobody saw it and if you want to win you have to put in the work and Jordan didn't do any work that I could see. He squandered an opportunity. A good campaign and a good candidate can beat him.

We agree the Republican party needs to get its head out....

JOCOeveryman said...

When I started this blog I my plan was to always post thoughtful comments from readers. I made an exception. This anonymous post might be the weirdest comment I've ever seen on this or any blog. At first I thought it was too silly and dumb to post but I couldn't resist.

Clearly this person hasn't been to Nebraska.....

Man, your guy won and you are still this angry? Is there any room for people to disagree with you or do you just want to control our thoughts too? Can I give you a hug, brother? I just want you to know that even though you hate me.....I love you.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Yes, JOCO, I think we do agree. I am not angry, but I am skeptical, very skeptical. The best part of Obama's win is what he did for minorities in this country. You could see it on their faces. We saw history being made at its best.

I have been reading your blog for a few months and commenting (as Travel). I just signed up for a Blogger account and decided to change my name as I may start a blog of my own some day. It still has "travel" as part of the name and you can call me travel. Hey, I didn't see the post about the debate, though ...must have just missed it.

Are you a working member of the JoCo Republican party? I am not but I get a lot of their info.

JOCOeveryman said...


Thanks so much for reading AND commenting. I love comments on the blog. Hope you start one of your own. It is a nice creative outlet.

I am super skeptical too. I just don't see him changing.

I didn't write a specific post on the debate but I mentioned it.

I'm not a working member of the party although I donated to McCain's campaign. I keep telling myself I need to get involved. I wish I had the time.