Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Chiefs can't even suck right

I've really tried to avoid writing about the hapless Chiefs this year because to write about it seemed to be well.....boring. I mean highlighting Herman's sermon about how this team is getting better is too easy. He actually said this week that he thought his defense played pretty well against Cincy by giving up over 200 yards rushing to the worst offense in the NFL who had at least 3 starting linemen on IR along with their 2 pro bowl receivers not playing due to injury.

Now that the season is over the only thing I could think of that seemed appropriate is that they can't even suck right. Think about it. In a year when they recorded the worst record in the team's history at just 2-14 they couldn't even manage to get the first pick (or the second) in the draft.

They had to pick this year to be their worst in history when something that has never been done was done. The Lions did the unthinkable and went 0-16. Nobody has ever gone 0-16. Any other year the Chiefs get the first pick but they can't even do that right. Nope, be bad when someone else is even worse......great thinking, great plan, way to go. If that doesn't sum up our painful life as Chiefs fans I'm not sure what does. How do we only win 2 games and still not garner the first pick in the draft? Only our Chiefs could manage such a feat.

By the way....I've been meaning to post about Mitch Holthus for some time but I just haven't gotten around to it. It really should be it's own post but I want to get all this Chiefs crap wrapped up at one time. I know lots of people like him as the voice of the Chiefs but it all drives me crazy. I can't understand why a guy like Kevin Keitzmann has him on the radio show. Asking him his opinion of the Chiefs is like asking Dana Perino (hot White House Press Secretary) what she thinks of President Bush. He can spin anything into a positive. That is the only thing about him that is slightly entertaining.....hearing him try to spin another bad game performance. "Uh, listen Keitz (always uses nicknames so you know he is an insider) I know it wasn't pretty today giving up 8 sacks but did you see Brandon Albert use that quick right step and plug that B gap (throws in technical film room talk) and stop a pro bowl linebacker on a lighting stunt from decleating our gunslinger (insider talk for knocking the qb on his back)? That crap drives me nuts. Don't get me started on his creation of LJ's nickname.....the Centaur. So stupid. Possibly the most ridiculous moniker in sports history. And then he has to mention several times about how he wrote an article about something on his blog.....if you must check it out. I guess it is rough because he has to follow Kevin Harlan who was so incredible.....too incredible to be kept local but still does he have to be so geeky? Oh, did you know you can get Mitchy to speak at one of your events? He has a whole range of motivational speeches and only charges $3500. I wouldn't pay $35. Check it out. Pretty funny.

Now, there are really only three questions worthy of Chief's off season discussion: Does Herman stay, who will be our first pick in the draft, and is this really the best we can do for cheerleaders? Even that is embarassing.

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