Thursday, December 18, 2008

Law of Universal Cell Phone Chargers

Simply by calling a portable phone a cell phone I am dating myself but I can't help it. I keep calling them cell phones. I don't think we even use cellular technology anymore for portable phones I think we use some digital technology that they tell us is better for accessing the internet, battery life, clarity, etc. I don't know. It is a little like calling a copy machine a Xerox as if they all copy machines are still made my Xerox. Or better yet to really date myself it would be like calling it a mimiograph....remember those blue copies your teacher used to hand out?

I want to talk about cell phone chargers. Why can't we all use the same charger? There is a conspiracy between manufacturers to keep us buying and rebuying chargers for our phones. I think if Barack Obama really wanted to initiate some immediate change that would affect all our lives he should mandate that all phone manufacturers adopt a universal charger by 2010 if not sooner. Think of the money it would save and the space in landfills. I have a drawer full of perfectly good cell phone chargers for obsolete phones. This might be more important than improving CAFE standards, or lowering emissions from factories, clean coal......are you tracking with me?

Everytime you get a new phone you have to buy a new car charger because the old one doesn't work. We are currently all congregated as a family on a death watch and it seems every outlet in the house has a charger plugged into it. It is pure madness.

VHS beat out Betamax. We all use Bluetooth technology. Blue Ray is the newest accepted high def format. Ipod is apparently becoming the only accepted MP3 player. Starbucks is the most accepted overpriced coffee drink provider. For some reason nobody can get on the same page on cell phone chargers. Am I the only one who thinks of these things?

Happiness for me is being with somebody who uses the same kind of charger as me when I need a pick me up. I received a bluetooth headset for Christmas last year and the most exciting thing for me was when I saw it used the same style charger as my phone.........f#&king genius!!!! I have an idea for Sprint that might help their business. Dan Hesse comes on the TV and says, "From now on we will insist that all of our phones from any producer adopt the same charger."

The sign that my marriage is working in perfect order is that we both use the same charger. It is so awesome. I don't have to carry chargers from car to car. Conversely, on rare occasions she thinks her being fully charged is more important that me being fully charged (apparently) when she unplugs my phone in the kitchen replacing it with hers. I called my lawyer to see if there it is grounds for divorce in Kansas for such menacing behavior and she has assured me there is not a line on the form for "stealing cell phone charging juice"

I vote for the the charger style that my blackberry uses. It seems the most reliable and I have noticed that more and more phones are using it.

So, I know Barack's people read this blog or at a minimum Dennis Moore's and I know he has direct line to the transition team. I know they all want change we can believe in and this is something that proves they understand our problems and our pain.

Come on a policy of Universal Cell Phone Chargers. It makes sense doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

doesnt make sense at all

Bill the Painter said...

I vote for the Blackberry USB type. I can use the same pord for my Blackberry, TomTom GPS and Ipod FM modulator, Camera...the list goes on!

Good luck and Merry Christmas!