Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sebelius Could Finally Make My Day

We all have known the speculation surrounding a Senate run by our do nothing governor Kate Sebelius. Just like the President Elect she hasn't wasted any time lowering expectations. Here is an article that summarizes it pretty well.

One of my old Political Science profs at KU, Burdett Loomis thinks the job is actually below her but he also has been an aide and ally of the Governor and I think he is skillful at helping her lower those expectations.

Funny how Brownback wants her job and she might like his. I like the idea of Brownback for Governor.

I was hopeful that she would leave for a post on Obama's team but we couldn't get that lucky.

Like old Clint Eastwood said so poetically......."Make my day" She does have the popularity as governor but I think the chances of her winning a seat that hasn't been in Democrat hands in more than 70 years is still unlikely. Frankly, I would enjoy seeing her lose an election.....something we haven't had a chance to see.

The prospect of failure and just being smart enough to keep her options open might keep her out of the fray for awhile longer.
Stay tuned. I'll keep an eye out on this issue for you.


I Travel for JOOLS said...

The RNC called asking me for money AGAIN and I told them I was not happy with the poor job they did helping Nick Jordan out and if they repeated that mistake, Sebelius would be the next senator from Kansas. I think I caught the woman making the call off guard. She said she'd write an e-mail relaying my concern to the big boys and even wrote it while we talked, reading it back to me..lol Course then she repeated her request for money.

Perhaps we can take a page from the democratic nutroots playbook and get a blog to blog network going of conservatives who would contribute and work for whoever the Republican pick is? Stay Red Kansas comes to mind. Unfortunately, there aren't too many conservtive blogs in Kansas that I'm aware of but there must be several across the state.

It worked for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Jools, start a blog already! I love your comments!