Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mizzou Babies

I resisted writing a post on how great it was to beat Mizzou Saturday because that would be boring to fun as it would have been to write.

I will comment though on Mizzou's fan's and even the players attitudes this week. I love the fact that we have completely crushed their spirit and taken the wind out of their sails. We treated them like Michael Vick treats dogs and they can't get their footing this week heading into the Big 12 Championship game. It is game morning and I wonder where how all those Tiger fans are feeling this morning heading into this game?

I've heard some Mizzou fans saying they aren't even going this weekend to the championship game against OU and they have tickets! The attitude on talk radio is unbelieveable. They have a huge chance to make history this week by doing to OU what we did to them and in the process steal a trip to a BCS game. They should be focused and motivated. We stole their heart this week and while winning was really great witnessing this actually seems like just as much fun.

Wallow in your pain you idiot Tigers and enjoy getting your ass kicked by OU and remember it all started with the Jayhawks cutting your heart out last Saturday evening. Rock Chalk Jayhawk.......see you for a couple basketball games this winter.


Anonymous said...

Read your blog all the time. Kind of shocked about the picture you put up of the dead tigers.

JOCOeveryman said...

Yea, well, I actually wavered a bit about it as I was looking for an anti Tiger picture. Couldn't find exactly what I was looking for and decided to go or a little shock value. Probably a little over the apologies.