Friday, December 5, 2008

Special Repeal Day Edition of Best and Worst Wines of the Week

Oh what a great day for a drink. Something many of your grandparents couldn't have done 75 years ago plus one day. They would have opted for Gin more than likely but we love wine. As I posted before December 5th represents the anniversary of the repeal of prohibition and American collectively took at drink.

We were another JOCO couple down at Power and Light District this past weekend and it was hopping.......really. No sign of recession there. Flipping through the channels while writing this I paused on Rachel Maddow. She is dangerously close taking over the naming rights for worst wine. I'm really starting to hate that smug. I'm keeping my eye on her.

My favorite wine of the week: 2005 Bridlewood Monterey Chardonnay. This wine was really crisp and bright and follows the current trend of less oak. My guess is it has none. It has floral as well as tropical fruit flavors and crisp green apple flavors. This is a really great little wine.

How much: $9 a glass.

Where I drank it: Zest in Leawood. By the way what a cool new spot. Great lunch and a really pretty new restaurant. Hint: Maybe a candidate for best new JOCO restaurant in 2008.

The Olbermann Wine or the Worst Wine of the Week: 2005 Ravenswood Sonoma Zinfandel. I discovered red Zin by drinking Ravenswood. There was the crazy ZAP folks and the No Wimpy Wines tag line. I loved their Zin. They are no longer that zin producer. The wines don't show that signature jammy, bold, spicy flavors it used to own as their signature. The fruit was nice enough and the wine frankly was just nice and if anything thin. Zin isn't suppose to nice. That's like a hot girl saying you are a nice aren't getting any. Zin is suppose to be big and bold and huge.....and with attitude. Ravenswood is just a nice little red wine and frankly that isn't good enough anymore. Find another Zin. I'll let you know when I find it.....maybe next Friday.

How much: $42 a bottle

Where I drank it: Maker's Mark Lounge in the Power and Light District. Pretty cool place with a hip crowd.

Enjoy your drinks this weekend my friends........Vaya Con Dios and thanks for checking out the blog.

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