Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rick Warren's Purpose Driven to Earn $$$$

I actually enjoyed very much Rick Warren's first book The Purpose Driven Life. I thought it was incredibly well done. If you haven't read it I actually highly recommend it.

I saw Rick on Fox tonight and I can't help but notice a couple things. First, with all his success he is getting really fat. So Rick may reject all the consumerism of his newfound wealth but he sure as hell isn't missing any meals. Rick needs to push himself away from the table a few bites sooner.

Second, I've decided that since that monumental first book he has become a "Purpose Driven" industry with the purpose being to drive the idea into the ground while making as much dough as possible. Now he has the Purpose of Christmas book, dvd, study guide, t-shirt, calendar.....I'm making a few up here but you get the point.

Okay Rick. You had a nice book and it made you really rich.......and did I say fat..........but can we make this the last one...........please? The only new one I'd buy might be The Purpose of Selling You all these books was to get Incredibly Wealthy and Fat: Now I'll show you how to do it too! Sorry, long title but you get the point.

Vaya Con Dios folks. Hey, Thursday Football this week. Get your Fantasy lineup in......fantasy playoffs in my league start this week.


Bill the Painter said...

Maybe he should have called it the "Profit Driven Life!"

Great blog! I saw you over at JOCOCOB.

Good luck!

JOCOeveryman said...

This is what I love about this blog......when somebody who reads says what I wanted to say....perfect. Wish I would have thought of it....the Profit Driven Life......

Thanks for checking me out Bill.


Anonymous said...

90% of the proceeds from Rick's PDL series of books, etc. go to charity, his church, etc. He and his wife live on the other 10%.

JOCOeveryman said...

Look, I've listened to Rick and think Rick is a great man. I also know he reverse tithed (yes I know what that is) and lives modestly. I also know that even on the 10% he is doing very, very well. I'm happy he is rich. I can't think of a better way to get rich than helping others. I'm just kinda tired of the series and was poking a little fun at it.....especially when I saw how fat he was on TV this morning. Have a sense of humor, please.

Anonymous said...

You had me at, "Rick Warren's Purpose Driven to Earn $$$$." Perhaps Mr. Warren is indeed a great man of God, but just look at him and you see an opportunist. He's sort of reminds me of Dave Ramsey, provides good material, helps you get financially or spiritually right but in the end eats your wallet in the process.