Monday, December 15, 2008

Olathe East Cutie Honored as High School Heisman Finalist

I was traveling this week and was reading the USA Today which only seems to be read by people who are traveling and I saw this great article about Olathe's own Libby Marden. Another brillant Olathe girl who wasn't home schooled.......(foreshadowing perhaps about an upcoming rant about homeschooling idiots)

I wasn't aware of the High School Heisman by Wendy's but apparently she is finalist out of 34,000 high schoolers who were nominated based on athletics, academics and community service. Is Olathe East where all the smart and beautiful kids go now? When I was a kid there was only 2 high schools. North and South.

Libby has quite a future. Reading her information she is quite accomplished in all areas.

I thought it was pretty cool. You can check out one of the articles here. It is interesting that even in high school the exposure that is out there. Sure, it is kinda neat and her parents should be proud but I just can't help but wonder if putting our kids out there for the whole world is safe and smart.
Anyway, good for her. Since she is so smart I guess she'll be going to KU????

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Anonymous said...

The author of that article is a KU J-School grad whom contracted meningitis while still at KU. Google him, it's very inspiring.