Friday, December 12, 2008

Enjoy Friday's Best and Worst Wine of the Week

The end of another week means it is a good time to reflect and get things into perspective and having a nice glass of wine is a great way to get that process started. I actually had quite a few good wines this week so it wasn't nearly as easy as you might think to pick the one I thought was really stellar but indeed one really did stick out. Cheers. Hope you enjoy.

The best wine I tasted this week: Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 815 2006.

How much: $18 a bottle

Where I drank it: Home.

Thoughts: I really think this cab represents a great value. This might be one of the best cabernets under $20 I've had in some time. It has a richness to it and hit of mocha that is really appealing. Delicious with Ripe blackcherries and even some mineral notes with fine tannins that don't grip your mouth too much but they are definitely there. This is an easy wine to enjoy with any and all grilled red meats or just with a nice big Riedel glass and a pretty girl or a friend and some strong rich cheeses.

The Keith Olbermann Wine aka the worst wine I tasted this week: Somerset Ridge Winery Ruby Red.

How much: $6 a glass I think.....foggy memory now

Where I tasted it: Flights Wine Bar, Leawood

Thoughts: Somerset Ridge is a local winery located in Miami County just south of here. It is easy to get excited about anything local so like everyone else I wanted it to be good. I've noticed they are popping up a little bit so they are trying to get a little more exposure so I thought I'd give them a taste. They describe the Ruby Red as a bordeaux blend and it has Cab, Cab Franc and Chancellor which is a local variety. The problem is we just don't have the length of growing season for these grapes to develop the complexity to make them really good and the Chancellor is the easy explanation for the vegetal notes in the wine. Cab Franc can do that too. As much as I would like to feel good about recommending this wine I just can't. This isn't a serious wine. I'd stay away.
Stay Classy Johnson County!