Monday, January 19, 2009

435 South Mag lists best of the burbs and my 200th post

435 South ran their list of their best of Johnson County in their latest issue and there were a couple that were the same as mine but many, many looked more like a list of advertisers or their target list for future advertisers.....lame.

If you are going to do a list at least do it with some credibility. Really, do you think we can't all see that you are kissing your customer's collective ass with this issue or using to drive new ad revenue?

And....I guess this takes me out of the running for their best suburban blogger.....except they didn't have that category.

Gee, you make the list and just a few pages later a full or half page ad.....interesting.

On a note of self congratulations....this marks my 200th post as Jocoeveryman.....the alter ego of any self respecting JOCO snob. It has been tons of fun. All I'll say is that blogging is a great outlet and that I made it my goal to try to write something everyday, except weekends, this past year and that is much tougher than it seems. After my 100th post I highlighted some of my personal fav's. Come back tomorrow for that list. If you read on a regular basis just know I appreciate your interest.


Gabriel said...

Congrats on 200! Keep up the quality work.

m.v. said...

congrats on the first 200!

Anonymous said...

JOCOMAN--Your blog beats the hell out of Readers Digest. Now if I could just find a way to get the computer screen within view of the crapper, I could really multi task.
Loyal delurker from WI