Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Message to the College Hottie at the Gym

I went to the gym tonight at the J and had a really nice workout but I've a little message for the college hottie who I see there all the time who looks down her nose at everyone else at the gym. She doesn't dress provocatively or anything like that and she works hard.......really hard. Hmmmmm......

But I see the looks you give the fat people. You kinda curl up your lip with that disgusted look like, "How could you get that fat?" and "Oh, my God, I'd kill myself if I had to live in your body". Sometimes I think I might have even caught you shaking your head as you walk by them.

I've seen it so many times it almost makes me laugh when I see you do it. I'm not a fattie so you doesn't dare shoot that look my way but I really do think it is sad.

See, here is the thing little college hottie working out relentlessly at my gym. You WILL be one of those fat people someday. Anyone who has to work that hard this early in your life to keep up your body is destined to fail once you get a little older. When I was your age I couldn't gain weight even if I tried. So put your little smirk away and hope and pray to God that you never lose the time or desire to work out for 2 hours a night.

All I have to do is take a quick run through my Facebook friends list and see all the girls I knew in college and high school who were you.....hot with a rocking body.......and see them now at about 50 pounds over weight and know I am dead on. You will be fat.

I so wish I could know you in 20 years college hottie at the gym.


JOCO SOB said...

Complaining about eye candy?

May said...

She sounds like an anorexic... those people LOVE working out and not eating and looking down on people they think have no self control because they don't torture themselves.

Anonymous said...

Omg - that is me then and this is me now. Your predictions are scarily correct. I never saw anyone blog about it before.

She'll get "heavier", as I deceptively put it. And there's not one ounce of confidence difference between then and now.

She hates herself way more than you ever could hate her.