Monday, January 12, 2009

Last week's Best and Worst Wine of the Week

Oh, man.....sorry I missed the Friday deadline for best and worst wine of the week. My editor was paging me like crazy!!!! I was actually at a wine tasting on Friday night and drank quite a few good ones. Anyway, I know you didn't know what to drink this weekend because of my irresponsible blogging practices and for that I'm sincerely sorry. I think some of you only check out my recommendations because of the "women in wine" pictures I add with each shallow of me to think such a thing.

Here you go anyway. Better late than never.

The best wine I had: Darioush Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 2005.

Where I had it: Wine tasting (secret location....wink)

How much: $80 a bottle. I know expensive so sue me I live in Johnson County and contrary to popular belief and reporting most of us JOCO have decided not to participate in this silly recession.

Thoughts: This intense little monster had black cherries and cassis and vanilla bean and espresso. It was really well extracted and for a young wine the tannins weren't as firm as you'd think. I'm not sure this will age as long as some big trophy cabs. Strong but graceful or elegant if you will and the finish had a little spice. If you have the extra doe-re-mi to pick up a bottle you won't be disappointed.

The Olbermann wine (worst wine of the week): Nora Albarino 2007, Rias Biaxas, Spain.

Where I had it: Home.

How much: $15.99.

Thoughts: I love Albarino. Like many I've only really been drinking them for the past couple years since they have burst on the scene in the U.S. Albarino is typically a lovely, aromatic, crisp white with no oak and a little minerality perfect for summer days (or dreaming of them) and shellfish. I have tried several and this might have been my least favorite example but I see it persistently on wine lists. It wasn't that it was bad...I didn't spit it out. I'll even admit that it gets decent scores from the wine pundits but I just think it has this long, overripe finish that isn't what Albarino is all about. I think it has too much body resulting possibly from harvesting a tad late. Albarino shouldn't be medium bodied in my mind instead engaging very light and crisp body. What's next? Oak and Malo? I frankly also resent the packaging being too trendy....hell, why don't you just put a critter on it and call it a day? If you want to try a nice example of Albarino my current fav is Martin Codax Albarino.

Enjoy and check back on me this week. Hope you had a great weekend.

Vaya Con Dios!


Kansas Sity Sinic said...

Dear JE,
Because of your careless disregard for your loyal readers, I didn't drink this weekend.


JOCOeveryman said...

So then is it also safe to assume that some poor guy who you've never met didn't get laid because of your sobriety? Now I feel really bad.

No Sinic Drinking=No Drunk Hookups