Friday, February 6, 2009

Best and Worst Wine of the Week

The weather is going to be great the weekend so I hope you all get out and do something drink wine....outside.

There are a couple nice trends that are developing in wine and that is Spain and Argentina. Both have improved their efforts and are getting attention from the consumer for both quality and relative value. Argentina is getting lots of play for Malbec for its big nature and extra savoriness that makes it a good competitor against Cabernet for the meat pairings. Spain on the other hand has gotten recent play for Albarino, an aromatic light white that goes great with shellfish and for drinking on the patio. Of course, the Rioja has always been a popular little red from Spain as well. Today, we chart a little different course from both countries.

This week's best wine: Las Rocas, Granacha (Grenache), Spain

How much: $8 a glass

Where I had it: Wine Flights Wine Bar

Thoughts: This wine is rich, thick, with licorice and chocolate. This isn't wimpy wine with stiff tannins to go along for the hearty ride. In reading up a bit on it I learned it comes from mountain fruit from really old vines so the concentration level makes sense. It has a little spice to go along with it as well. This is a really good glass of wine and it clearly over delivered in my opinion. RJ, the proprietor of Flights, told me this wine is a staple on his list because it consistently over delivers. He is right about that.

The Keith Olbermann wine (worst wine of the week): 2007 Terrazas Torrontes, Argentena

How much: $17.99

Where I bought it: Lukas Liquors

Thoughts: I love the Albarinos and dry rieslings, viogniers, get the picture. I've certainly tried Torrontes before but I was looking to find this new summer white and get me dreaming of summer days on my back patio. I still think I'll like Torrontes but maybe it isn't going to be the summer 2009 sensation that Albarino was los dos veranos pasado. Anyhoo... Terrazas was kinda lemon or crisp lime, crisp apple, no oak with good acidity. This wine isn't bad. In fact, it is pretty good. I don't hate it but I certainly can't recommend it for $17.99. I would probably love this wine for $10 bucks and buy a case. Funny how price can do that to you. I guess this one comes down to price/value for me. In this economy we all need good "go to" wines that won't break the bank. This is just simply too much money for what it is.......or isn't in this case. I don't know why but I don't like to pay that kind of money for my light whites. So, I'm gonna keep looking for something as good or better for less money.....perhaps around the $12 price point.....$10 would even be better but I'm prolly dreamin.

Enjoy something good this weekend. Vaya Con Dios Amigos!!!!

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