Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Facebook thoughts

As I watch the little "online reunions" happening all over Facebook I caught myself thinking something and it didn't make me comfortable.

I'm in my 40's and Facebook is spreading for my age group worse than the crabs at the jock dorm.....uh, that's a different story though altogether.

Anyway, two thoughts running through my brain.

One is all these friend requests and people you don't seem to remember but they have all your high school friends in common with you so you figure you must know them, right? And one must not be rude. Was I that popular in high school??......actually I guess I was that popular and cool so I shouldn't be too surprised.

Second is seeing people I made out with in Jr. High/High School/College. Now, it is all fine and everything we are all old and married now. I don't know..........just weird and that made me FB just gonna turn into the virtual divorcee bar like Craigslist is the virtual red light district? My guess is yes.

Have you ever ignored a friend request? My deal is I don't want any work people on my friends list. I have one but she lives out of state and really is more of just a friend but she has loads of work people on her friends list. I think everyone should sign a pact not to do that or it should automatically block anyone from your company!


Kansas Sity Sinic said...

A couple tips from a FB vet:

1. You can make your profile private, so only those whom are friends with you can see it. I recommend this.

2. You can accept a friend request and allow them to see a "limited profile" of your choosing

3. A lot of older folks don't understand the concept of facebook, and don't know that people you are friends with can see ALL of your activity (I have a an old co-worker who has very candid conversations via Wall Posts), these types of convos should be limited to FB Messages

But yes, I agree with you, it's weird to see elementary and middle school flings online.

Anonymous said...

This FB thing really baffles me, but then again,I am easily confused. But why do people want to connect with people from their high school days? Those had to be the worst days of my life. I have not been to a class reunion yet!! My 1982 high school class had some major league jerk kids. I know I should be long over it by now but I HAVE ISSUES! I'm going back under my rock now...Jayne

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Cure to the problem: When you're 60 you're too old to be recognizable by anyone from high school or college days so everybody is a stranger on facebook. So, JOCo, just put up with it for 20 more years.


JOCO SOB said...

Its been sad seeing hot chicks fall apart.

JOCOeveryman said...

Sinic, thanks for the tips. Very helpful from a youngster like you. I think I've shut off the profile viewing thing....but since you are a friend...sssshhhhh I know you can see it. have issues babe and we need to talk. People who were jerks back then have no hair now and are suddenly reasonably nice .

Travel....when I'm 60 we'll be talking about facebook like you talk about 8 tracks...what will be next?

SOB....many of those girls actually look better now....some worse...there must be some law of nature that governs this reality.

Anonymous said...

JE-hey, don't call me "babe".
Jayne :)

JOCOeveryman said...

Sorry Jayne?