Monday, February 2, 2009

The Spring Break Scramble

Blue Valley's Spring Break is coming up the week of March 16th and actually starts the Thursday and Friday prior. Leawood and OP will be a ghost town that week for those of you on the East Side who have computer access. Let the looting and thievery planning begin. Funny, my parents would always say stuff like, "You don't want to go out of town then because all the criminals know you are gone and will steal your stuff." I grew up thinking people who left on Spring Break were stupid and lucky to come home to anything.

Spring Break Blue Valley style is a combination of a family vacation and quietly reliving the Spring Breaks you DIDN'T have yourself growing up. I know some of you had charmed childhoods because some of you were my friends who went skiing or to the beach. Last night the wife and I cashed in our hotel points and airline points getting us and the kids to a warm place with a beach. My daughter hasn't even reached double digits yet in age and she has been on more March vacations than I ever did growing up. One of the joys of having kids is that you get to do Spring Break all over again for a few years until they want to go on their own.

The drill is actually a little funny because you have to try to line up what free flights are available with places that have beach front hotel availability.....blah, blah.....and the game is trying to get absolutely as much of it for free as possible through points. At this point, if I can use AMEX points for the rental car I might only have to buy some food, drinks, and tips for the bell man. Sweet.

We did pretty well last night in the planning and I was surprised it came together as quickly as it did. My wife is happy. We've both been working out quite a bit so we'll look good on the beach as well....shallow I know but don't tell you don't think about such things....especially you chicks.

Is everyone else making Spring Break plans? Almost everyone I talked to last year around the pool acted like they used points. How about you?

Is it wrong to be talking about a nice beach vacation when everyone else is getting laid off?


Anonymous said...

SOJOCO-You are a regular Robin Leach. Travelling, hmm, let me see, NOPE it's not in the budget to leave the house but I do have a fabulous new diamond & saphhire ring on its way to my finger....big Mama gets jewelry while the kids sit in WI and coloring easter eggs. No Mickey Mouse this year lil' darlings. Since you are so buff & toned, I will wait with much anticipation for some photos of your tan lines in the Mar-April posts.

JOCOeveryman said...

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, huh? Showing your age a little Jayne.... :-)

Don't look for those pictures anytime soon. I'm a pretty shy person....can't you tell???

I Travel for JOOLS said...

I'm with Jayne on this one.

JOCOeveryman said...

Which part Travel.... the tan lines or the diamonds??? Funny.

Bill the Painter said...

They way I see it, you've earned your vacation time and money and should spend it as you see fit.

I doubt you're receiving a government bailout so there's no reason to feel guilty!

Enjoy it!

JOCOeveryman said...

Thanks Bill, believe it or not I didn't even get the last stimulus check because on the prior year's return we made too much. Interestingly we could have used it because my wife lost her job but it didn't take that into account......

I love vacation.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

JOCO as my name implies, I'm all for jewels :-) but I'm more interested in the tan lines ... chicken