Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Deanna Rose Proposes Fees

From Saturday's Neighborhood section of the Kansas City Star so I know it is a little old but I saved the article because I wanted to comment on it..........Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead is considering modest entrance fees.

Brad Cooper reported that business is too good at the iconic free mommy and child place in sojoco and they need to slow it down.

I remember even going to the park when I was a young little whipper snapper. Of course back then it was in the middle of no where. Now it is right around the corner from where I live. My kids have enjoyed it very much. My kid loves fishing in that pond. Can you imagine how many times each of those fish has been caught???

You can read the article here so I won't go into detail on their proposal but I'll give them credit in these hard financial times of looking at the issue and actually coming up with solutions that didn't immediately seek a massive expansion of the facility with accompanying tax increases. Yeah for brains!!!! This is solid work by Overland Park..........perhaps further evidence they should be allowed to annex whom ever they damn well want..........could we interest them in KCMO?

Understanding when people go most and projecting that with the recent completion of the massive and beautiful First Church of Soccer Complex and the accompanying tournaments etc that will come will explode peak time visits is even more is important in getting this right. Many of those are moms (possibly named Juanita, or Sue, or Buffy) with younger children just looking to fill time while an older sibling plays the usual 6 games on a Saturday.

Their plan seems to accomplish all needs. Keeping it available and free to school groups, free during the week only charging Friday to Sunday when they are most busy. I think many benevolent JOCO people who visit already donate more than the $2 they are proposing but this will get us a little cash from the low rent people from the rest of the metro area.

Interesting to read that our little JOCO attraction rivals attendance at Union Station and the Kansas City Zoo with much less space. Hmmmmm........maybe there is a lesson there? They reported 459,000 visitors last year. Over 260,000 of those were on Friday to Sunday. Shit, we don't even have Polar Bear exhibit planned.

Why is it called Deanna Rose? Nice back story but also telling of how safe our little part of the world really remains. For more information on the Farmstead you can click here.


I Travel for JOOLS said...

My littlest gchild loved visiting the farmstead with her class. Glad they are keeping it free for school groups.

Bill the Painter said...

$2 is NOTHING! It's worth every penny!

It is supported by our tax dollars, so I think OP residents )(and business owners) should still be able to use it free.

Even so, I'd still pay for my daughter to play there.