Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dennis Moore must be sent packing this time

Really. If this whole Democratic majority doesn't motivate the 3rd District's conservative base to wake up I don't know what will. It was all cute and everything to keep sending this arrogant ass back to Washington when the Republicans had a majority because he couldn't do that much harm and frankly, he pretended to vote as a Blue Dog on just enough issues to keep the base satisfied when really on anything important he voted as a liberal. I looked long and hard for pictures with Moore and Pelosi together. You think it is by mistake that he isn't pictured hardly anywhere with his boss? He knows it is political suicide but he is voting exactly the way Pelosi wants right up to and including the government option in this health care bill.

Well, I said a year ago he was a lapdog for Nancy Pelosi and that is what he has been. I researched and documented his voting record online and still everyone thought he was a conservative democrat.

Now to add insult to injury he is a coward and won't face his own constituents. Chicken shit. He was a no show at a health care forum that left the 3rd District without a place to voice their opinions on the issue. I guess Pelosi told him not to bother. Even Claire McCaskell is more man than Dennis Moore. She showed up to listen to her peeps.

I think this is our best chance to reclaim this seat. People need to get involved in this fight this time. We can get him out.

He has a liberal voting record that doesn't represent the 3rd District except all my nutty professors in Lawrence. Speaking of Lawrence, it is now split in half with part of it now in the 2nd. That is good news. We need to demand that the national party put the resources into this race for us to win it back. The Kansas Meadowlark wrote a great post on his chicken shit ways.

We've got the Chicken Shit where we want him this time. I'm not big on reposting stuff but here is a post from last year that I did on his voting ratings and it is as important today as it was then. Maybe more. He is only getting more liberal. I wrote this on 8/11/2008. I'll do an update on his voting record for a future post via Project Vote Smart. I'm sure it has only gotten worse. Read.

"I did a little research into how our third district man fairs in some key areas. He always tries to pretend when he is home that he is pretty moderate democrat.....a blue dog democrat if you will....but his voting record and how he is graded by people I'd never support tells you he is an old fashioned liberal.I checked out Project Vote Smart online and thought it was a pretty good resource. I pulled out a couple nuggets:I received a comment that questioned the information in this post. I said above it is from Project Vote Smart which is easy to find online. It takes a little more than normal intelligence to click through and find the interest group ratings. Here is the link. I hope it clarifies my source. I should have linked to it sooner. It is a good site.

In 2007, he supported the very liberal National Education Association (NEA) 100%.

In 2007, NARAL Pro-Choice gave him a score on supporting them of 100%.

In 2007, he supported The Humane Society's interests 83% of the time. He likes animals more than babies apparently.

In 2007, the National Taxpayer's Union, a tax watchdog group, gave him a grade of "F".

The American Civil Liberties Union loves Dennis Moore and gave him a grade of 100%.

The Traditional Values Coalition gave him a grade of ZERO in 2007.

The ultra liberal and radical Sierra Club said he supported their interests 100% in 2003 and in 2008 Environment America another liberal tree hugger group gave him a score of 100%.

The NRA and the Gun Owners of America gave our former law and order man an "F" in 2007.

The AFL-CIO gave him a rating of 96% in 2007. I wonder what he didn't support that they wanted......a bill making Jimmy Hoffa's birthday a national holiday?

The American Bar Association loves him and gave him a score of 100%. Lawyers love him.

Finally, he voted to make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House.

In summary: Pro Choice, Animal rights, Labor Unions, Lawyers (he is one), and extreme environmental groups love Dennis Moore. Just a quick question for all you who have crossed over and voted for Dennis Moore.......are those the things you support as well? "

I'm still looking at it but at first glance.......I'm liking Patricia Lightner to take him on and win in 2010. Trust me, it isn't too soon to start talking about


Anonymous said...

word on the street is that moore is showing early signs of dementia.

i dont like him as much as the next republican but go easy on the bastard. as for lightner, she always runs and always loses. nuff said.

JOCOeveryman said...

Interesting. If that is so....then shouldn't he resign now and we can name a highway or something after him?

Maybe I should run....I haven't lost yet?

I Travel for JOOLS said...

I'm all in for getting Moore out ! I'll campaign, go door to door, make phone calls, whatever it takes. And, when the RNC called me for money I told them they better be spending my money in supporting a Republican in our district this time. Not that they'll listen to just me, but if we all give them the message, maybe they'll get it.

Maybe you should run and really give meaning to JoCoEveryman (gotta work woman in there somehow..lol)

Anonymous said...

if u do run you gotta quit with the riskay posts!

JOCOeveryman said...

LOL...too many skeletons in my closet! Ouch.

JOOLS.....I love your passion. That is what it will take. Let's do it. How about jocoeveryperson??

Melissa said...

You should run! Start small locally and work your way up - its an amazing adventure. As for the risky posts this is an anonymous blog....just don’t dish out campaign dirt and give away your identity.

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for you JE-I love a candidate with a Member's only jacket and a terrible-awful case of whiskey d--k! You can overcome the skeletons!
from your favorite RISQUE absentee ballot voter in WI.