Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Of Course there are two other candidates....

TKC mentioned me on his blog yesterday. He says that in calling out Patricia Lightner as an early favorite (who he says can't possibly win).....I guess he is suggesting I don't know what I'm talking about? Like Tony knows shit about Johnson County politics. He might be pretty good on Mayor Funky and what goes on in (car)Jack County but other than calling us a bunch of JC Nichols racists he doesn't really have much of a clue on JOCO. That's okay Tony......that is why you read me for all things in SoJoCo.

I'll spare you the analysis of what happened last night but what it means to us and this race is that the game has finally changed. I very much enjoyed flipping back and forth between Keith Olbermann and FOX to see the right and left spin.

I hope everyone keeps being so dismissive of the conservative patriots working at the grass roots right now who are focusing on liberty instead of social issues. Liberty is what's at stake.

The 3rd does come back to the Republicans in 2010. The redistricting that split Lawrence along with the Obama's policies will make that happen.

I said yesterday that Patricia Lightner looked like an early front runner. She has legislative experience and knows how to run a campaign. This gives her an early advantage.

There are other candidates and I suspect with the developments of last night we will see other candidates as well......perhaps some better perhaps not.

I didn't mean to suggest I'm ENDORSING Patricia Lightner.

Here are the other two candidates:

Dan Gilyeat: A true Patriot and American hero. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the experience or know how to really do the job. I certainly honor his love of country and service and wish him the best.

John Rysavy: Looks like if he can put together an organization he might have a shot. Old white guys aren't trendy in politics right now.


Anonymous said...

all the people you mentioned will fail as candidates, sorry to say! and ur such a hardass jocoeveryman when ur gettin in tonykcs face lolololololololololololololol NOT!

I Travel for JOOLS said...

I should have read your Wednesday post before sending you my e-mail this morning. You're on top of the game already.

I agree with your assessment. Would like to meet all the candidates. Hey, maybe you can host a blog greet and meet?

JOCOeveryman said...

These may or may not be the final candidates but mark the tape....Moore will not win in 2010.