Thursday, November 5, 2009

Now Willie Ames can help you blow all your cash

Really? Really.

What's next for Willie Aames.....preaching? Oh, crap, he already tried that angle. Remember Bible Man? Now he wants to be your financial planner? Unbelievable. Check out all the Olathe JOCO hotties he had at his yard sale in the picture above.

I guess every year or so we have to get a new story of redemption on Willie this really the best we can do in Joco? Crap even Blue Springs has an American Idol winner. This is a little embarassing.

I guess I'm going to go out on a limb and guess on the next 10 redemption angles that Willie Aames will try next on the citizens of Johnson County and the Kansas City Star. Keep in mind we are talking about Olathe....barely JOCO in my mind. But seriously, even the people in Southern California must be mocking us for giving a crap and putting this guy on the front page of our "paper of record". You know The Star will cover each of these stories of redemption.

1. Drug Counselor

2. Soup Kitchen Operator

3. Mentoring Chiefs who make gay slurs

4. Recovering Democrats.........

5. Wayside Waifs volunteer.....found with 34 cats living in that dumpy apartment.

6. Craigslist Addiction counselor

7. Executive Dating Service even a chubby guy can get a smoking hot wife...and lose her.

8. Car Salesman.......Country Hill Car lot salesman of the month

9. Restauranteur......working way up from fry guy at McDonalds

10. Return to acting..........8 (Recoveries) Is Enough

Seriously, when is enough of Willie Aames enough even in Johnson County? Sorry, I had to get this out before Friday.....because we all know that Friday is for wine. Sorry this is the best I could do.....but somebody had to try.


Anonymous said...

joco: luv ur blog but the bigger bolded fonts in ur posts has gotta go my man! and the lists of suggestions on posts....bad. bad. bad. ur better than that

oh ya, ppl from olathe are gross. thats a given!

Anonymous said...

Country Hill Motors was just voted the best Used Car dealership in the United States by fellow conservative and financial guru, Dave Ramsey.

It also received an A+ by the BBB.

Maybe in the future you shouldn't be so hurtful.

chester mcglockton said...

Funny stuff. But you accidentally included a photo of Sammy "The Red Rocker" Hagar at the end.

Anonymous said...

JE-don't let this happen to you! All cute and buff in the 80's and now '09- oh my, he's never looked so bad. Willie needs to partner up with Gary Coleman to promote Lasik surgery for the local opthamologist...just a thought. Maybe he could become a career counselor? Certainly A&E could give him a reality show, they do it for every other washed up, untalented, booger-eatin moron celebrity.
I loved Willy back in the day.(sigh)
JY in WI

JOCOeveryman said...

All suggestions for improvement gladly accepted but I have to comment on a few.....

I love the big bold money lines. Oh well. I'll think about it. Yes, I know lists are lame but I wanted to do something with Willie Aames.

Fellow Country Hill need to have a little thicker skin. I wasn't bashing Country Hill.....if fact, I used them because they are so well known I knew people would know who they are.....we all know they are a fine business.....simmer down....the knock is on Willie, not Country Hill. But, while I like Dave Ramsey very much just because he said they were number one in the US doesn't make it so. I've often wondered why you are a financial guru by just telling people to spend within their means....seems simple to me. Anyway, if people listen God bless him.

Thanks for the comments one and all. Keep reading.

Anonymous said...

Who is Willie Ames? Is it bad I don't know? Maybe I should google him.

Bill the Painter said...

Anon @ 10:42 - Eff You! You've probably never been to most parts of Olathe. Sadly, the only way to prop up your pathetic life is to judge and criticize others.

If I had enough $, my company can be the best Paintng company in the eyes of Dave Ramsey....or any paid spokesperson for that matter.

Good for Willie. I really DO hope he gets back ahead of the game. Some people just need to hit rock bottom before they can rebuild their lives.

Keep up the good work!

JOCOeveryman said... the the anonymous poster that said Olathe people are gross....I'm from Olathe originally AND own a business I feel a little justified in poking fun at it and by default myself.

Bill also makes a good point about a paid endorsement from Dave Ramsey....

Kansas Sity Sinic said...

Look who's blogging again...and has quite the following!

Olathe people are just fine, anonymous. People from Leawood, however, are much, much better ;-)

I don't like the big fonts either--but I don't think you'll change your ways for me and an anony commenter.

JOCOeveryman said...

Aw Sinic...I knew you'd notice eventually. Okay, I'll think about the big font thing....I thought it was kinda cool but maybe in just an 80's kinda way?

I Travel for JOOLS said...

It's frightening how soon people get old looking. And, it's especially frightening when somebody your kids were watching on tv already look old. Maybe hard living...

Anonymous said...

What is the big deal about the big fonts? Sometimes size matters...are you trying to compensate with the large font for another area where you might be lacking? HEHEHEHE
I am off to Build a Bear to pitch them on a new Willie Aames puppy...
JY in WI

Anonymous said...

And still variants?