Friday, November 6, 2009

Fantastic Friday.....Best and Worst Wines of the Week

I don't know if anybody cares about what wine I like to drink. Afterall I'm just one dude.....who likes to drink wine. When I started this Friday feature I thought it would be a little funny....highlighting the snobbishness of me and my JOCO friends. Truly, out my way, drinking wine isn't just something to do while you are catching up. It is the actual reason some of us get together. As in....."I just got the bottle of "Brand X" I've been waiting for.....come down and check it out" At first I thought it was a function of my age but now I'm convinced that is just how we roll in SOJOCO. Well, that and a way to justify putting hot, slightly dressed women on my blog and not feel too incredibly sleezy about it.


This week's best wine: 2006 Bridlewood Central Coast Syrah. We were at one of my favorite local sojoco eateries, Zest, where I have enjoyed the Bridlewood Chardonnay several times but tonight I was going to get the lamb shank and needed a red. I'm learning Bridlewood is pretty solid across the board because this bottle was great. It had bright, jammy/concentrated fruit without being a fruit bomb. It had enough structure but this wine gave me no indication that it needed age. It drank well immediately and continued to open up and show off throughout the bottle. It has bright cherry and chocolate....yes kinda like a chocolate covered cherry with a bit of cedar box and smoke to it. The wood was perfectly subtle. It was great with my lamb shank. Lip smacking good.

Where: Zest in Mission Farms

How much: $38 on the wine list. I'm sure it could be had for around $15 in a retail store.

Final Note: Syrah......seems to be forgotten again. Too bad. Great grape.

The Keith Olbermann Wine (worst wine this week): 2006 Louis Jadot Pinot Noir. I'm a big Pinot Fan and an even bigger Red Burgundy fan (the ancestral home of Pinot Noir). When you pick up a wine like this I am hopeful I'm going to get a little taste of better burgundies for a value price. I would even take the French trying to capture a little Pinot business by making it more new world. This wine is neither. It is earthy or gamey like many burgundies I've enjoyed but without the delicate, beautiful red fruits. It is light. It isn't what I want from Pinot. Here is is pretty pricey. Don't buy this expecting Burgundy or California is the French laughing at us in bottle.

Where: At home.

How much: $18.99 (too damn much for this wine). I might not find it so offensive it were priced correctly at like I dunno $9.99 or $10.99

Final thought: There are several wines from Louis Jadot I like quite a bit. Their Beaujolias Villages is pretty fun and their Macon Villages and Pouilly Fuisse are great examples of French Chardonnay. Their Grand Cru burgundies fetching over $150 a bottle are world class. Clos Vougeot is among my favorites ever. They should just stop this little Pinot Noir thing they do. It just doesn't represent them or burgundy very well.
Well, hope you enjoy these wines.....or any wine this weekend.
Vaya Con Dios!!

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