Monday, November 9, 2009

That Dog Was Never Blue

Don't think of it any other way than Dennis Moore strongly believes in the house National Healthcare Bill WITH a Public Option. This wasn't some vote about which he was strongly conflicted. This wasn't a vote in which he lost sleep over what he AND his constituents wanted and what his party expected him to do at all. He voted for this bill because he liked it. Plain and simple.

Why can I say this with confidence? 31 other Democrats from conservative areas voted against it and it still passed by 5 votes. He could have voted against it and pull what I call a Toplikar. In other words vote against something because it looks good to your constituents knowing your vote won't make the difference and it will still pass.

I have a bolder prediction to make in the wake of this vote. Dennis Moore either won't run for reelection next year OR he will only put in a less than half hearted effort. I'm beginning to think there might be a surprise announcement that he isn't running. He can blame it on death threats, or he can let rumors about his own health regarding early dementia go unchallenged but I am starting to think there is no way this guy can treat his constituents this way, still call himself a Blue Dog Democrat and come back here and run for reelection. Either that or simply put this guy has the biggest brass balls I've ever seen. To think he can come home and tell people he is a closet conservative on fiscal issues and progressive on social the typical JOCO Moderate Republican and then be Nancy Pelosi's bitch lap dog on the Hill is beyond the pale of thinking he is unbeatable. Either way......this next election is going to be fun. I'm fired up and not fired up mad like some might think. I'm fired up happy like an Olathe North football player on Friday night fired up. I'm fired up like the rednecks from Spring Hill on payday heading to Bonita Flats. (Seriously, click this didn't know this shit existed in SOJOCO) Okay, I'll confess I went there for my bachelor party but I've heard that Bunny no longer works there and that was a long time ago. Really. Long. Time. Ago. I'm fired up like any team in the NFL when they see the Chiefs on their schedule. I'm fired up like Mark Teahen must have felt when he learned he was traded out of Kansas City. I'm fired up like.....well you get the picture. I'm clearing my calendar right now, hell, I might even take vacation next year just to work against Dennis Moore. Thank you God, I've been waiting for this day. Dennis Moore.......this weekend you signed your political death warrant.

Oh......instead of dealing directly with his constituents he put out this letter.....and I'm sure he never read the bill (how could anyone).........explaining why he is voting for it just in case you want to hear from him.....well....directly? Stay classy Dennis!!!


Anonymous said...

This guy really pisses me off....but the captions are pure gold. I love the little blue poodle. I hope you are right and he doesn't run!

Anonymous said...

Why do old guys pull their pants up so high? Do they think that makes them look sexy? God, it drives me nuts when I see that.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Moore has got to go. Keep it up.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

We can't "wish" him away. We have to take action. All who read this and care, please call the JoCo Republican party 913 341 8683 and volunteer or financially support them because they get no support from the RNC and they are all volunteers who are committed to beating Moore in 2010. Also, MoveOn.Org has moved into the county. They had some kind of rally in Shawnee last weekend and you can bet they will support Moore.

JOCOeveryman said...

I agree with JOOLS and I'm certainly not wishing him away. I will make it my sole focus over the next 12 months to help FIRE him. Who's in?