Friday, December 4, 2009

A BIG thank you

Over Thanksgiving I was telling someone very close to me that I really had no idea how many people read the blog. I have to admit that while I joke that I don't think anybody reads I was indeed a little curious if anybody read. I seriously thought maybe a few dozen people checked it on a frequent basis.

She suggested I put a hit counter on this site which at first I really didn't want to do but I thought you know I could put it up for a little while just to see and always take it down.

You can start them at any number you want so I could have started it at let's say 15,235 or something like that but I started it at a number I could remember......101.

It hit over 1200 today which means I've had over 1000 visits just since Thanksgiving. I am a little amazed but mostly I just want to tell people thanks for reading. Really, it is humbling that people think that anything I write is interesting.....or maybe they come to see the trainwreck. I started this blog really simply because I like to write and I thought if I had a blog it would force me to write on a regular basis and hopefully I'd get better at it.

Also, I've received a few emails and comments on the Dennis Moore countdown timer. I just thought I'd share that there is loads of free html code out there like that one if you ever want anything like that. Just google what you want and put html in the search "countdown timer html free". I found a few but settled on that one.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

That person must be quite smart! Amazing you have so many readers, but I am really not surprised. Your blog is entertaining and witty. Keep it up and glad you started blogging again.

Anonymous said...

Most of the hits were mine. Other than the police department that knows who you are.

Anonymous said...

LMAO. Not a good idea to mess with a former investigator that worked with the Secret Service and the FBI. What were you thinking?

Are you ready to surrender yet? And you also the risk of having deal with civil litigation then.

I doubt I will sue you, but I might. It depends on your attitude going forward.

You can be civil or not. I gave you a lot of options. And you always chose the wrong ones.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

You're welcome.