Friday, December 4, 2009

Do you enjoy Michelle Malkin?

I really haven't been reading her blog a ton though I certainly should. It is really good. I was checking it out and it is a really good post about debunking a health-scare story in the New York Times by Nick Kristof. It is really good writing. She is a nationally known conservative blogger who I'm sure has lots of enemies because of her work. She isn't tough to look at either. She is also incredibly smart. Impressive.

I thought it was impressive if you look at her post that she uses Kristof's own words to hold him accountable in her story and she pasted the actual front from of Mr. Kristof's blog right into her own blog as a part of her critique.

You should read yesterday's work by Michelle. It is really good. I'm gonna start reading her on a regular basis. By the way......while I knew she was out because I've seen her on Fox I clicked on her blog because it was on Sinic's blogroll......even though I'm not listed on hers :-) so I wanted to give credit to Sinic.

I'm really slammed tonight. Drinking a little vino (some bottle I spent at least $50 on, probably more) now but I'll have to admit I didn't really drink this week other than that. So, no best and worst this week. You are on your own.


And just a little housekeeping: I do moderate the comments on the blog but I have made it practice to rarely reject them. If I think you are just the same person putting up a bunch of anonymous comments especially to make it look like you have lots of support on an issue I can kinda figure that out....not always.......but I probably won't post them if I don't think it adds to the blog. I've clearly demonstrated I'm pretty cool about putting up comments where people don't agree with me.


Kansas Sity Sinic said...

My goodness--what have you been up to these last few days? Judgements, criminal activity...pissing off Congressional Candidates

I am serious need of $50...if only I knew the secret of JE...

The blogroll has been updated.

You're welcome.

PFL0W said...

in answer to your question: yes, I do enjoy Michelle Malkin. Whenever she's not dangerous, ugly and/or hateful, I find her very funny.

Mo Rage