Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Everybody is getting sued.

Okay, I was just gonna let it all go. Really, hopefully this is it but I read some stuff on the Internet that I thought was incredibly interesting. Now, not everything you read on the Internet is true but in my opinion this looks pretty legit and well, it certainly creates a pattern of behavior that is tough to overlook.

I'm going to do Mr. Scherer a favor and spare you all the amazing emails I've received in the past two days but I'll just say that if you check out these links it looks familiar.

While clearly I didn't know this history when I first commented on the Scherer letter posted on JOCO SOB's blog as a guest post........all I can say is in my opinion my instincts were right on the money.

I'm not writing this stuff.....just linking you to his own words.......unless somebody else is using his blogger account and I guess that is possible.

First, unless I got it wrong it and there is more than one Tom Scherer it appears as if in 2005 Mr. Scherer filed for US Congress opposing Dennis Moore-Pelosi in the Democratic primary according to this at the Kansas Democratic Party website. (never thought I'd link to that site)The comments are interesting as people there are reporting their interaction with him. There aren't any direct quotes from him but it is interesting. At that point they call him a Progressive that they like and are trying to push to run for a State a Democrat. I'll admit I'm stumped on this one. I thought he was a fiscal conservative and a Republican.

In July 2006 there is an AMAZING exchange between Mr. Scherer and members of Blue Tide Rising that really reminds me of some correspondence I've seen before. It started with them supposedly quoting him but I can't verify the quotes. You'll have to scroll down to July 11, 2006 to see where it starts. However, the fireworks on the comments section is AWESOME political theater. It runs 22 comments deep and a good many of them appear to be authored by Mr. Scherer as he threatens legal action against them. They were much more aggressive than I was in questioning his academic and scholarly pursuits. I look like a kitten compared to these people. It really is must read stuff. Keep in mind this was back to 2006.

On a blog called Kansas Republican Politics, a blog to rally moderate Republicans, I found a very interesting post from a guy named Jacob Atwell on August 2, 2008. Before Mr. Atwell's comments Mr. Scherer posts several comments on the site but those aren't really that interesting. Here is the link. The interesting comment is where he makes the same threats to Mr. Atwell that he makes to me about a $5 purchase on ebay. Check it out. Weird coincidence.

I'm purposefully not providing a bunch of further commentary on this because I've just worn it out and I have a feeling everyone else is weary of it as well. I'm sorry about that. If interested, you can just click the links. I couldn't make it up if I wanted.

LAST SECOND UPDATE: Just a few minutes ago, really just before I was going to post this I get copied on an email along with every media person, blogger, all Republicans in the free world, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, and a local mental health advocate (seriously) from Mr. Scherer where he lashes out at tons of people and you guessed it..........threatens to take the Johnson County Republican Party Head Quarters to court. He also promises a huge bloodletting and he "wants to be the chainsaw butcher". I'll spare you the rant but there are plenty of copies out there as of tonight. I'll admit it is really a pretty strong distribution at least I got that out of it!

Truthfully, I guess I get a little worked up when people threaten me and I guess it is just my character to fight back. I need to work on that I guess. I had to waste my precious time today and forward his email to one of my attorneys just to make sure that Jocoeveryman the Village Idiot didn't actually screw up.

Like I said at the beginning you never know what is true or not on the Internet. You'll have to decide for yourself but any research I've done here a typical 7th grader could have done.

Jig is up.

It is my sincere unqualified belief this man is obsessed with being a Congressional Candidate and with playing lawyer.

How come when I close my eyes I keep seeing Dwight Schrute from Dunder when I think of this whole thing???


Anonymous said...

You are actually a pretty funny guy. Who did you steal that Dennis Moore time to get fired meter from.

Even I have to admit that is pretty funny.

There is hope that someday you might get more than 4 people that actually come to your web site.

Like the Merriam Police are doing.


Anonymous said...

See, our criminal here who believes he steal copyrighted material and use it without any artist getting upset is a very flawed mistake.

Now, we know quite a bit about this individual already. By we, myself, a former investigator for six years, thinks we (includes the police department) cannot find his identify.

Well, like most crooks and their flawed logic, this is irrational thinking.

But let us have some fun. I am tired today of working on making America a better place.

Instead, let us have a contest. I mean running for Congress is pretty hard work. Especially when you have to deal with criminals like I did when I was an investigator. It was kind to catch crooks. I got to work with the Secret Service, FBI and law enforcement all over America.

So, starting right now, I am offering a $50 reward to the first person who accurately and completely identifies the owner of this blog.

To claim the reward, send an email to This reward will be paid upon the arrest of the blog author.


Anonymous said...

Ok. Here is the next hint. We know he is either working or sleeping. His last post was around 5:30 which makes it possible he is doing his blogging at work. Instead of working. We will follow and see what time he does his blogging.

Another clue is the post by Bill the Painter. Bill and I were guest blog authors this spring. Now we track back to Bill's web site. Now we have one person that posts on this blog. Bill is a contractor. He has a web site. Including his phone number. Since Bill is a fellow blog author, he might be concerned about his stuff being stolen next. We left a call with Bill, an email and posted a request for some contract services I really need done. Now Bill might call wanting to claim the 50 bucks or the contract job I need done. We will know soon enough. So Bill has the best chance of winning the contest so far.

And that is one way to catch a crook real quick. Merely repeat for everhyone that posts hereafter until we are dead or determine the identify of the crook.

Tony said...


ChrisinKC said...

"Okay, I was just gonna let it all go"

but you didn't.....

Buddy: back to blogging about things people care about or I really will think you're the village idiot!

Old Fart said...

Wow Jocoeveryman... looks like you got yourself a delusional stalker.

But rest assured. Word is getting out about these idiot running for congress. He'll be lucky to get elected Merriam Pooper Scooper.

Anonymous said...

A whole $50 - wow! Is that the best reward you can offer? This whole situation is disturbing - I would assume that someone who is serious about running for Congress would have more important items on their agenda than trying to track down the identity of a blogger who voiced their opinion. Everyone is entitled to an opinion – move on already. The moment you choose to run for public office you put yourself on a chopping block for others to criticize at will. I have been there done that and did not spend my time dwelling on negative comments. Instead focus on your campaign and getting your positive message out to those who may still consider voting for you even after all these disturbing emails, comments, etc…

At least tomorrow is Friday - we can look forward to scantily clad women and recommendations as to what wine is best for drowning our sorrows or celebrating our triumphs over the weekend!

Anonymous said...

dear mr. holmes:

you can "post" whatever time you'd like when you use blogger. I dont believe thats an indication of when he is working or sleeping.

Anonymous said...

so when ya headed to Jail?!!? ;-)

I Travel for JOOLS said...

WTF? I go out of town for a few days and there's high drama in JoCo !

And we thought we had problems with Dennis Moore; well, this guy takes the prize.