Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Breaking News! Breaking News!

Don’t you just love all the amazingly good advice you see on the local news?


When driving in slick conditions you need to leave more room between you and car in front of you and slow down. Brillant.

And other stuff like health stuff:

You can keep your immune system up and be generally more healthy if you make sure you eat fruits and vegetables……and if you can’t do that maybe try a multivitamin. I think I even caught Harry Smith rolling his eyes at that report this morning. Duh.

And excellent reporting from hardware stores:

I’m standing at XYZ Hardware store and they are telling us they are getting a run on shovels and rock salt. Back to you.

With all that great help what is my mother going to do with all her free time???

I will say that the weather people pretty much got it right this time so that was impressive. Katie Horner has changed her look a little but I can’t figure out quite what she did. All I know is she looks better. Hair, weight, makeup……can’t put my finger on it.


Anonymous said...

Funny and I couldn't agree more! Big Blizzard in my area and on the news they advised best to not go out (hello foot of snow and 40 mph winds) and if you did the best way to stay warm was dress in layers...Enlighten me more please.

Anonymous said...

That is funny. I thought you were going to bag on the weather people hyping the storm but that is pretty funny too.

Love the blog.

Anonymous said...

Our weather people encourage us to wear condoms, I guess it helps prevent STDs and wind burn..
Weather alert:12"snow&38 mph winds
Do you have your winter weather protection on? My favorite tip is keeping candy bars in the car for emergencies-getting up in the morning is an emergency for me, so I head to the garage for some quick energy. I love Winter
JY in WI

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Well, for one thing, Katie isn't pregnant. I think we kinda got used to that. But, I didn't notice anything in particular.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

are you in a ditch somewhere?