Monday, December 21, 2009

Governor Nixon disses Big 12 and proves he doesn't get it.

First, I've been a little crazy at my real work that people pay me to do (you know besides being an activist, writer, and statesman) so I apologize for being a little AWOL. It has been driving me crazy because there have been so many topics I wanted to write about but just no time to do them right.........and as you know I'm not a "throw up a picture and a clever comment" kinda blogger. You might even say I'm a bit wordy.....I'm working on that.

So anyway a little while back I wrote about a throw away line in the KC Star from a writer about Missouri moving to the Big 10. I recall some of the comments where like...."who cares" which is usually right when pondering Missouri but since then the story has evolved.

If you are following it there were some other stories about it including a big one about the Big 10 themselves moving the topic of adding another school back onto their agenda which of course caused all kinds of interest from Missouri folk.

Fast forward to the Gov and his comments that fall right into line with exactly what I was saying all along.......that people from Missouri are stupidly disconnected and don't understand the issue.....beginning with their dumbass governor.

To wit......dear Governor. That was my point exactly in my previous post. You don't get it. The Big 10 is more like Oklahoma State than Northwestern. Northwestern is a great school with an enrollment about one third to one quarter, okay even one fifth that of their Big 10 (or Big 12) counterparts. The truth is Northwestern doesn't really fit in with the Big 10 but they like beating up on the smart kids on the North side of Chicago every now and again. Northwestern is little more than our Baylor. Each conference is full of huge state schools and one private school.
Oh and a big by the way......Oklahoma State is a world respected college for Mechanical Engineering (Jay, that's where the oil guys go) and Architecture as well as a top center for Information Assurance for the National Security Agency (that basically means military intelligence....ironic eh Jay?) They also boast one of the highest numbers of Truman Scholars in the nation with 15 and 6 out of the last 7 years.
Missouri, on the other hand according to Wikipedia, is known for having the country's first school of Journalism (which means they train the biased assholes we see on MSNBC) and for being one of only 6 schools to have a law, veterinary, agriculture, engineering, and medical mention of how they rank? I understand most rankings put Missouri ahead of good ole Oklahoma State but if you want to play US News & World Report Ranking game well......the Big Ten would be better off considering that Kansas AND Iowa State both outrank Mizzou.

Besides pointing out the stupidity of Jay Nixon the bigger question is (I guess) will they or won't they go if asked? Really, I don't care but be clear about this, Governor Nixon, that the decision isn't about academics......almost any 4 year state school with a huge enrollment will do......but rather about the television market share they can grab and hence the money they can extract. Period.

I'm horrible at predictions (other than Dennis Moore not running again) but I'd have to say IF they expand they will quietly ask Notre Dame first and after they stupidly say no they will pick between Rutgers and Missouri. And if I were them with all bias aside....I'd try for Rutgers. Huge New Jersey/New York TV audience from a school that is athletically on the upswing right, has a huge enrollment AND is better ranked academically that Mizzou. We'll see.

This isn't to say I don't think Missouri has a gripe about Bowls they haven't been selected to play in the past 3 years. They do.
Here is just a little background if you are bored this week.

If you are interested here is a little history on the Big Ten. You'll see Northwestern is the only private school and has an enrollment of about 8,000. Do you think they are going offer reciprocal agreements with Missouri? Please.

Here is info on the Big 12. Again, if you look at the schools, the enrollments they look remarkably similar to the Big 10 except the Big 12 was smart enough to understand that 11 is a prime number and kept the number of schools even. Score one point for the Big 12.

Here a history of the Southwest Conference. Do you think there was a reason Houston, Rice or SMU weren't offered spots in the new Big 12? Think about it Jay.
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Kansas Sity Sinic said...

...and as you know I'm not a "throw up a picture and a clever comment" kinda blogger.


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I wish I could be more like you and SOB. I'm going to work on brevity for 2010. You know I love your blog! You could say I heart it mucho.

Merry Christmas to you Sinic!

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Merry Christmas to you!

Winston said...

Actually, you are right. This deal is starting to gain some momentum. Actually, I want to see them go