Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Record was performance enhanced!

I watched with amazement again as the Chiefs received publicity for the wrong reasons. Jerome Harrison became the new cocktail party trivia question for years to come by surpassing the incredible Jim Brown's single game Brown's rushing record. Brown was as gracious in congratulating Jerome (and nothing against the kid, he did what he was supposed to do) as he was awesome as a player. No shock there. Congrats to the kid. Hope he enjoys his day in the sun.

My guess is Harrison will not even be in the league in a three years but running all over the Chiefs last Sunday will keep his name alive in NFL junkie circles and trivia contests for decades.

Seriously though........in this age of tainted home run records and asterisks annotated accomplishments should we.........and more importantly the Browns.....really, really consider this their record?

This record was performance enhanced by miserable talent. Really. If the Browns were playing Emporia State or Baker.....or even KU for that matter would we really take the record seriously? No way. Playing the Little Sisters of the Blind results in a no joy win. (with all apologies to the all Little Sisters and people who are Blind and of course the Little Sisters of the Blind.....)

So I say throw it back. Don't count it. Strike it. Records set against the Chiefs shouldn't count. Jim Brown would have run for 500 yards against that defense.

As a postscript don't hear me saying Todd Haley is accountable for this debacle. Again, this isn't underachieving play and while the coaching isn't Hall of Fame quality and borders on desperation week in and week out this is lack of talent. To steal and manipulate an unofficial quote from our coach......Scott Pioli could pull most any beer drinking Season Ticket Holder out of the stands and coach a team to 3 victories (if he had the talent of Indy, New Orleans, or Minnesota). Talent trumps. Period. We. have. little. of. it. By the way, I enjoyed my black out Sunday very much. I love the Chiefs, I really do but I needed a break and the only way I won't watch is if I'm forced to not watch.

Don't forget it. Same is true in life as in sports. Rarely does poor talent win. Forget about the Rudy's of the world......they are far and few between.


Anonymous said...

Why so harsh on the poor Chiefs? They have growing pains - next year will be better. Or so I have been told - hard to keep going to games when the team always looses! At least they serve liquor so it makes for a fun time.

JOCOeveryman said...

I get tired of people saying it is Haley's fault. The players he has isn't really his fault.

I agree they will get better. They just need better players and that takes time. You are right.

Liquor and good company make the games fun.....agreed.