Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mr Scherer Responds Angrily To My Post

So, today, I guess I am the lucky bastard not SOB. Mr Scherer, the better candidate for your U.S. Congress, sent me some really fun and interesting comments about my post yesterday. I approved and posted them but I couldn’t just hope people found them buried in the comments section of my blog so I am providing them compiled and completely unedited (typos included) for your reading at the end.

I appreciate the fact that he took time to respond to my questions about his resume and background. I’m sure after you read his comments you’ll feel SO much more comfortable. I know for me it was very uh, er, helpful.

His first complaint is that I’ve infringed on his copyright by using the banner from his blog. Fair enough. While I don’t know for sure I’ll concede the point. I’ll admit that it was a little frustrating trying to find an actual picture of the man on the Internet to use. You would think a candidate would have had some coverage along the way? For that I’ll apologize and I've taken it down. I hope Mr. Scherer will accept my apology. I try to admit if I've made a mistake.

To begin, well, I love people who jump to absolutes like because I commented on what he writes as his resume and ask questions about it (like the Democratic candidate wouldn’t??) that I presume to be an expert on him and everything. For Mr.Scherer if I question or comment on something = being an expert on it.

I love how he takes me to task for writing by blog under a pen name but that he seems to think it is okay for JOCO SOB because "SOB might actually helo this metro area reduce violence by rasing awareness". Writing anonymously is an important tradition in American political discourse. The Federalist Papers were written under the name “Publius” and rebutted under the name “The Federal Farmer”. Of course I’m not nearly as important as those guys but the 1995 Supreme Court ruling in McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission reads:

“Protections for anonymous speech are vital to democratic discourse. Allowing
dissenters to shield their identities frees them to express critical, minority
views . . . Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. . . . It
thus exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights, and of the First
Amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation . . .
at the hand of an intolerant society.”

Further, Mr. Scherer defends hiding the identity of Jane Doe as an “important campaign team member” because she works for the feds and he states that working on a campaign is a violation of the law in her position (maybe referring to the Hatch Act). It seems in some federal positions it is permitted and in others it isn't. If she is permitted then she doesn't need to be a Jane Doe. If she isn't permitted then she is breaking the law and Mr Scherer is a party to that. If that is the case do we really want somebody who violates our laws, or allows their people to violate the law representing us in Washington? I guess the laws don't apply to him. Oh, wait, maybe that does make him ready to be our Congressman. At a minimum if he really cared about her would he allow her to put her career in jeopardy for his political gain? Sad. If he is dismissive of this law which laws would he not care about in the future? At any rate, I have my own reasons, mostly for creative freedom, that I chose to write under the pen name Jocoeveryman. I guess it is okay for some to be anonymous and not others.

Mr. Scherer makes defense of his using JOCO SOB’s blog as a mode for getting information out (I guess as opposed to mine??)by complimenting the quality of SOB’s blog. Sir, I concur. SOB has a quite excellent blog and I’ve written on several occasions I believe he is Johnson County’s best blogger, hands down and enjoys a huge readership. I’m happy for him not jealous. SOB and I have different goals for our blogs. I try, not always successfully, to keep the focus of my blog on Johnson County or at least write from a Johnson County perspective. I’m glad he “ges your respect”. He deserves it. What I meant by him being lucky to get that email is lucky like being the first reporter to a car wreck. It was meant as sarcasm. I'll admit perhaps poorly written but intended as sarcasm none the less.

I appreciate Mr. Scherer addressing some of the “errors” in my post. I’m glad he clarified his work experience and named some of the Fortune 50 companies for which he provided “consulting”. I can’t figure out why he wouldn’t have just named them in his blog to begin with since he seems to go and on and on about everything else at incredible length. Funny, how so many old, forcefully, er, I mean, semi retired white guys run around calling themselves consultants. Just an observation I've noticed. I'm sure Mr. Scherer's work will be completely examined if he is the Republican nominee and it will turn out he did important and meaningful work for those Fortune 50 companies.

I love how Mr. Scherer expects me to know all this stuff about his personal life. I think they were fair questions and certainly questions that would be asked if he were nominated. His angry responses to a blogger are so telling to how he would respond under pressure. Poorly. All I can say about law school and the suit against Merck as well as Harvard and the VA is it seems to this voter like such a victim’s mentality. Winners find ways past obstacles. I love the quote by Randy Pausch when he said,

“Brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep
us out. The brick walls are there to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want something badly enough. They are there to keep out the other people.”

Clearly, he didn’t want to go to Harvard that badly and he didn’t want to be a lawyer that badly. How badly does he want to be my Congressman from the 3rd District? Losers make excuses.

Finally, crap, I hate these really long posts because I know what Mr. Scherer still has to learn is that nobody reads them when they are too long. Again, sorry. Mr Scherer, I would welcome you to provide any comment you want on my rants either by comment on the blog or by sending me an email. Yes, they are rants. Rants are appropriate for a blogger, not for a person who wants to be my Congressman. The anger and rage is apparent in his writing.

Sir, I said it before and I’ll say it again. You seem to be well intentioned, a true conservative, a patriot, and a man who honorably served our country. I respect that. You are also, in my opinion, out of your league running for Congress. It is just my opinion but that is what I do on my blog....offer opinions. The couple dozen people who read this blog can read your words and decide for themselves.

Now, for the words of Thomas Scherer in response to yesterday's post:

Sir, you are infringing on my copyrighted web site.Please provide me where I
gave you permission to take my property (web site graphics, photo) and why that
taking is not a violation of federal/state law allowing me to seek relief/remedy
for that infringement?Tom Scherer, the better candidate for your U.S.

Finally sir, since you appear to be an expert
knowing more about me, than I do, why do you hide and not give your real name or
contact information?Are you afraid to reveal your identity? In regard to your
blog, I have read it. I could have sent you a post, but hardly anyone reads your
blog because it not worth reading.Whereas I have respect for the dark satire on
JOCOB's site related to his posts on making others aware of violence in the
metro area. By making us aware, SOB might actually helo this metro area reduce
violence by rasing awareness. He ges my respect. You do

Now let me address some of your errors. I never
stated I worked as a consultant for one Fortune 50 Company. I worked for
several. GE, Sprint, American Airlines for starters. Does that help?Second, Jane
Doe is working for the federal government. Because of that position, she cannot
be named because of her job position which prevents them from being associated
with any political campaign. Since you are an expert on everything, you should
know that. Third, as you correctly note, I completed one year of law school.
While at law school, I was given a prescribed medication (statin) that was done
in error. I almost died from it. Hence, why I filed suit against Merck and got
judicial review by the United States Supreme Court in 2007. I am sure you knew
that also since you are such an expert on everything. I was invited by Harvard
to attend Harvard in 2006. The VA refused to pay for my attending Harvard,
despite me being eligble under Chapter 31 of Title 38. I am sure you aware of
that also.Finally, since you are wiser than all of us, when are filing for
United States Congress?

Thanks for your opinion. If you specific
answers, you can always call me. Or I if you give your contact info, I can
address some of your own rants and speculation. My number is 403 8584. Since you
are a fan now, call me.

Tom Scherer


Winston said...

You are right, way too long but really dang funny.

Anonymous said...

were you at the town hall mtg today? He was there, u should cut the guy some slack

Anonymous said...

typos were funny but in all fairness the blogger comment forms don't have spell checker. just let the guy run his course and focus on important issues instead of attacking his grammar. at least his blog doesnt have naked ladies on it! :-)

James P. said...

I agree Joco. He doesn't act like a Congressman. Pounding angry, incoherent thoughts on some dude's blog isn't going to cut it. Better to know now than when some slick liberal pretending to be moderate cuts him in two during the general election. We must get this seat back for conservatives. You were a little rough on him but his response you could tell wasn't given much thought which is a problem. At least reread it before you send it to check for obvious typos. I do that everytime.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others. You were somewhat hard on Mr. Scherer, but he asked for it. He's angry like the rest of us, remember, he's on OUR SIDE!!

JOCOeveryman said...

As far as spell check is concerned....what about the guest post on SOB's blog? What about just reading what you've written before you hit the button? You have to have a little more attention to detail and craft your message better if you want to be a US Congressman.

I wasn't at the town hall meeting today. Had to work...

He has to know better. We are talking about US Congress!

Okay, I'm done. Thanks for reading.

JOCOeveryman said...

I agree I was a little hard on him and you are right....he is on our side. I'm just frustrated we haven't been able to get this seat back and we need a great candidate to not only win it BUT hold it.

Anonymous said...

Wow you received a personal response! You are either more famous than I realized or he spends loads of time googling his name. Odd.

Doesn't he have someone on his "campaign" that can at least proofread his responses and make him sound intelligent? I recently ran for a seat much less important than Congress, but even I had someone with a public affairs/media background proof every response. The "Jane Doe" situation is sketchy on several levels – I work for the Government and am now in politics so I know the rules...

Anonymous said...

Nick Jordan, Kevin Yoder or Greg Musil will get the seat.

JOCOeveryman said...

Anon 4:05 Yea, I know since nobody reads this silly blog I'm surprised anyone found it. I really thought nobody read it which was fine cause that wasn't why I started it. Then a good friend suggested I put on a hit counter. It has only been on there since Thanksgiving and it is clicking up and up. Not huge but people are visiting.

Thanks for your comments on civil service. I'm certainly not an expert.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you both that an action of copyright violation would difficult and not likely successful. Fair use, while open to judicial interpretation, generally allows for pieces of material to be used for criticism or parody. That probably applies here. While not absolute, given that the blog isn't commercial and it is unlikely he could prove you have damaged the commercial value by using it I think you would be hard pressed to find a judge who wouldn't say it is fair use. He probably wouldn't want to waste his time. But you never know so you are always better off not doing it. It was a good gesture to pull it off. Funny, if you had taken it and put an arrow through his head, drawn a pirate's patch over his eye and some Frankenstein bolts in his neck you would for sure be okay under fair use because you used it for parody.

Anonymous said...

I totally see what you are saying man. It is just weird. I can't believe he put that stuff on your blog.

JOCOeveryman said...

Oh, look, I'm not a lawyer and I'm not looking for a legal opinion though I appreciate the comment. The gentleman didn't appreciate me using the picture so I took it down and apologized. Next.

Thomas Scherer, Congressional Candidate said...

Here is another one for you to paste. The address for the Johnson County Courthouse. Oh, you will be able to find it when you are served the protective order.

I gave you fair warning. Which you ignored.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing the right thing

Anonymous said...

its like you dont know when to stop.

heres a dead horse and you're beating it. my word!

Bill the Painter said...

You know, I lose all respect for anybody who can't take criticism. When it happens, they threaten to sue you, send nasty emails, and "cease and desist" orders.

I don't personally know Mr. Scherer (and even if I spelled his name right), but he's only looking like a spoiled brat when he retaliates as he does.

Threatening to sue a blogger? Pathetic.

Just take your toys and go home. Don't try to make everybody else's life as miserable as your own.

Suck it up and be a man. Take the criticism, respond if you like, clarify errors, etc. Lawsuit? That's just being a wuss.

He will be judged by his responses. The general public is not stupid and can figure things out for themselves. They can tell a crybaby when they see one. Nobody wants one as their congressional representative.

The better candidate? I think not.

JOCOeveryman said...

Thanks for the comment Bill.

Anonymous said...

Well Bill. I have no problem with those whose opinions are different from mine. I learn more from diversity of thought than I do from merely reflecting on what I believe.

One of the first things I learned running for Congress is to learn by listening. Instead of preaching or telling others what needed done.

As a candidate wanting to represent the people, who would be my employer, you better listen, hear and try to understand what your boss wants done. In the 3rd District, that means I have about 600k bosses.

That does not include the moderator of this blog who stole my copyrighted material and used it for his purposes. I have a big problem with crooks. Especially since I used to be a national credit care fraud investigator.

I can track down almost anyone. Just for fun, I am posting a 50 buck reward to the first person that clearly provides the name and address of this blog author of this very blog that leads to his arrest.

Now you are competng against me. So let us have some fun. If you want to claim the reward first, send me your information on who and where person lives. We already know he lives in Leawood, KS from his profile. Wew will be watching what times does he post. That will tell us if he is employed. We are going to spend an hour or two going through his source code. So, that will give any of the 1101 hits that have come this web site, a head start of about an hour.

Have some fun. Catch a criminal. This is his blog. He really thinks we cannot find his true identity. Like most criminals. I ensure you we can. Contest starts now, this the 3rd day of Decmember, 2009.

PRIZE: 50 dollar cash reward. To anyone except the crook who stole my property.

Anonymous said...

To catch a criminal like the blog author, note the time he posts. And when he does not. This tells us quite a bit by itself. Over a few days, this pattern clearly establishes when the author is at his computer.

Then, we have to determine is the crook doing his blog work at his job or from his home. Just follow the comments. It is really quite simple.

Go ahead. Join in the fun. Post your own suggestions on how to identify a blog author. We did this on Kansas Jackass. It was quite fun. It turned out to be Jason Crucher, Osage, KS city councilmember. He got busted sneaking into one of the GOP conventions with his video camera.

Bill the Painter said...

That's the American Spirit! Someone "steals" an advertisment from your website and makes a little fun of you (justified, in my opinion) and you set out to sue him?

Frankly sir, you scare me! The damage you could do to this country if elected to office? Very scary stuff. I can pretty well rest assured that you will NEVER get elected.

Your opposition in an election WILL find all of your postings, look up all of the frivolous lawsuits (how many in JoCo now?) You will do more damage to the Republican Party than the other side. Quit while you're less behind.


These comments are moderated by the author. He actually posted your little $50 challenge here. He is giving you a forum for some reason. I can tell you HE is for freedom of speech. YOU seem to be for censorship. Nice.

Legal notice: These are MY personal opinions and don't necessarilry reflect the opinions of anyone else in this country.

Anonymous said...

I confirm. I agree with told all above.

Anonymous said...

awesome blog, do you have twitter or facebook? i will bookmark this page thanks. lina holzbauer

JOCOeveryman said...

Thanks Lina and yes I am on Facebook and Twitter although I don't do a great job on either one. On Facebook you can find and friend me as "Jock E. Man" and on Twitter I'm just jocoeveryman. Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

waiting for next post