Monday, November 30, 2009

Awesome Post by JOCO SOB: Tom Scherer is a Classic.


I have to say I hadn't read JOCO SOB's post from Sunday with the email from Tom Scherer, candidate with probably little, er, uh, I mean NO chance of winning the nomination, until after I blasted Steve Rose for his memo on the race. Really, since Dennis Moore-Pelosi dropped out even Lightner is a done. This race was returned to the big boys, the power brokers of Johnson County Republicans the second Moore-Pelosi dropped out. Forget it are fighting with Lightner over who gets picked last for the recess kick ball game.

Classic stuff from the SOB you lucky bastard. Scherer thinks SOB is helping him by posting that email, er rant but really......not so much. Really? A rant at the media....with typos included? Embarrassing I'd say. As a conservative does he really really expect a fair shake from the media. Naive. He says in a comment to SOB's post, "Wow, you really put that email up quick" adding there will be more of this whining and sniffling on his blog at Seriously, Tom, you have my attention. I'm be checking back for more (good laughs) for sure. Tom, you really got the liberal media back in line with that blast. hit! wink. "United States of the News Media". Gold. Pure Gold there Tommy Boy.

Classy Mr. Scherer. Stay Classy. It reminds me a little of John Toplikar stealing signs......himself. Guys, how many times do I have to tell have to get others to do your dirty work. This is politics rule numero uno.

This is exactly how we would want someone representing us to act up in Washington.......nice. Like Moore-Pelosi wasn't embarrassing enough.

As a footnote I want to say after trying to spend a few precious moments of my day looking at his blog I'll say he seems like a real conservative whose heart is in the right place. I respect that. He served our country in the Vietnam War in the Navy. I absolutely respect that. Let's get real here. Really, just a look at the ramblings of the blog and that email SOB posted will tell you he isn't ready to be our Congressman. Citing Jane Doe as an important part of his campaign team??? Really? "Invited" to attend Harvard Graduate School.........why didn't he go? Completed one year of law school.....why didn't he finish? Current work is as a Civil Rights Activist, Writer, Statesman since 1994.......seriously....I can't make this stuff up. Go to the blog and read it. I guess if people believe Community Organizer is a job I guess they might believe this too. Of course there is the work with an unnamed Fortune 50 company as a consultant. It all sounds purposefully vague. I'll admit it is nothing if not really entertaining. I just hate for it to be at another conservative's expense. I hate that this is probably a really well intentioned man who yells at the TV when watching MSNBC and really thinks he can help. Sorry Tom, you'll have to move over now.....the big boys are here to eat and there is a seat at the kid's table if you are still hungry.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your opinion. If you specific answers, you can always call me. Or I if you give your contact info, I can address some of your own rants and speculation.

My number is 403 8584. Since you are a fan now, call me.

Tom Scherer

Anonymous said...

Now let me address some of your errors. I never stated I worked as a consultant for one Fortune 50 Company. I worked for several. GE, Sprint, American Airlines for starters. Does that help?

Second, Jane Doe is working for the federal government. Because of that position, she cannot be named because of her job position which prevents them from being associated with any political campaign. Since you are an expert on everything, you should know that.

Third, as you correctly note, I completed one year of law school. While at law school, I was given a prescribed medication (statin) that was done in error. I almost died from it. Hence, why I filed suit against Merck and got judicial review by the United States Supreme Court in 2007. I am sure you knew that also since you are such an expert on everything.

I was invited by Harvard to attend Harvard in 2006. The VA refused to pay for my attending Harvard, despite me being eligble under Chapter 31 of Title 38. I am sure you aware of that also.

Finally, since you are wiser than all of us, when are filing for United States Congress?

Anonymous said...

Finally sir, since you appear to be an expert knowing more about me, than I do, why do you hide and not give your real name or contact information?

Are you afraid to reveal your identity? In regard to your blog, I have read it. I could have sent you a post, but hardly anyone reads your blog because it not worth reading.

Whereas I have respect for the dark satire on JOCOB's site related to his posts on making others aware of violence in the metro area. By making us aware, SOB might actually helo this metro area reduce violence by rasing awareness. He ges my respect.

You do not.

Anonymous said...

Sir, you are infringing on my copyrighted web site.

Please provide me where I gave you permission to take my property (web site graphics, photo) and why that taking is not a violation of federal/state law allowing me to seek relief/remedy for that infringement?

Tom Scherer, the better candidate for your U.S. Congress,

Winston said...

I think Tom needs a valium. This is serious red ass man.