Monday, November 30, 2009

This year's Master of the Obvious Award: Steve Rose

I was going to wait until the end of the year to announce all these prestigious awards but this one just can't wait.

I was getting ready to drop my copy of The Johnson County Sun in the recycling bin as I took my normal glance below the fold on the front page to glance at Steve Rose's wisdom.

I'm used to reading old news in the paper that I've already seen either online or on television but I like to go to the paper to read about stuff that you can't get in a sound bite. I think the paper is still pretty relevant for breaking complex news stories and investigative reporting......if they would actually do it. They have to help themselves as they spiral toward irrelevancy. Please something insightful and I'll read and enjoy it.

I was hopeful when I saw Steve Rose write about the upcoming race for the Kansas 3rd District that there would be some real insight instead what I got was serious Master of the Obvious stuff that was truly award worthy.

Mr. Rose breaks the news that this seat will go back to Republicans and notes some incredibly insightful (not) assertions that conservatives show up for off year primaries more so than casual moderate Republicans resulting in pro-life conservatives getting their candidate to the general. Whew....thanks Steve. He notes that there isn't a Democrat in view and that Dennis Moore was vulnerable because of his 100% support of a liberal agenda over the past year. Double whew.......thanks Steve. Strong analysis there. Any first year Political Science student could have nailed all that. I'm surprised he didn't also predict that Adam Taft wouldn't run.....cuz I was wondering about that. Steve, buddy, please work a little harder and assume your reader has a half a brain. Look, I'm not saying Steve Rose isn't a smart guy I'm just saying he mailed it in on this one and he has to do better. I'm not even saying it is easy. I'm sure it is hard but Mr. Johnson County? I expect more. Lame effort.

I'll take the seat back however we can get it but I will say the victory will be a little less sweet by not ever getting to beat Mr. Moore-Pelosi. I so would have enjoyed seeing that two faced jackass squirm and dance through this campaign. The kill is officially no joy.

And for this effort.........Steve Rose gets my 2009 Master of the Obvious Award. Congrats!

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Winston said...

This is a very prestigious award Mr. Everyman