Sunday, November 29, 2009

Olathe North wins 8th State Football Title

Okay, so I blew it on the Friday Wine Feature. Sorry. I was just a little busy with all the holiday crap-0-la and didn't get around to it. There was lots of really good wine consumed and really not any that was horrible. So, I would have kinda struggled to find a bad one anyway and flaming the bad ones are what make it fun for me.

Anyway, let's move on shall we?

So, instead of the Friday Wine Feature I 'll do something I don't usually do and that is post something on the weekend.

This has shaped up to be a great weekend for football at all levels. The Border War game was lots of fun to watch.......until the end of course. Thrilling and exciting none the less. I hate losing to the Tigers but there really wasn't much on line except pride for us........and we all know I have none of that left anyway. Hate them puddycats though. Suffering succotash.

Olathe North has been a football powerhouse since the school was formed in middle 80's with 8 state titles to their credit. Olathe North's first state title in sports wasn't earned in football though. If you know what sport it was send me a comment. Maybe JocoEveryman will have a prize for the person who knows.

Olathe North proves again the pickup truck theory about Kansas High School Football. You have to have kids with pickup trucks in the school parking lot to truly dominate. You need big beef and grain fed kids who throw hay bales during the summer not kids who spend their summers playing golf and tennis at their parents country club. These are the tough kids who play in the trenches. Having a steady flow of Division 1 running backs doesn't hurt either. I wrote about that in an earlier post. Olathe North has an impressive history in that regard but all that talent doesn't rack up yards and touchdowns without big boys up front to control the line.

These kids had a target on their back all year being ranked number one all year and they lived up to the hype and delivered. Fantastic job coaching keeping these kids focused and playing. Congratulations Olathe North Eagles! Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Found your blog by searching for stuff on Olathe North. Pretty cool. Didn't know what to expect. I'm a parent of a player and we are very proud of them.