Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Slow Work day and Boring Relatives

Look I know the day before Thanksgiving is mostly a slow work day for most of us but for God's sake be thankful you have a job at Dunder Miflin and be like Bob Cratchet and give the old boss a fair day's work for that little money you make. But, alas, nope, you are reading this blog.......and for that I'm grateful. Really.

Or if it is Thursday..........are your relatives really that boring that you have to pretend to be checking your fantasy football scores or scanning the Craigslist personals while really checking in with JocoEveryman?? Again, glad you checked in. Thanks.

Here is my plan. I'm off to have lunch with some friends, er, uh colleagues and drink a little wine.

Thanksgiving morning I'm off to do the Sprint Turkey Trot 5K at 9 AM. See you there??? They have named it in honor of Tom Murphy. A good guy who is missed. Then a couple Turkey dinners with my family and the in laws. One guess which one will have the best food. My wife's family doesn't believe in seasoning their food and overcooks pretty much everything. Food safety you know. If you pick up the salt shaker everyone gasps like you just stuck a heroin needle in your arm right in front of them and the kids. To my family's house I bring really good wine. To theirs.....Wild Turkey. Then some football, more wine......and hope that my wife's Aunt Flo has finished her monthly visit in time for bed.

I know we are all thankful for tons like......that my parents didn't settle in Wyandotte County or worse in KCMO when they moved here. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Hey to the older woman at the gym with the fake boobs who kept checking me out and giving me the look as I was working out on Monday. How YOU doing???

Eat well. Drink more. Love tons.

Check back on Friday for my wine picks of the week.

Happy Thanksgiving! Don't eat too much.........


Anonymous said...

and hope that my wife's Aunt Flo has finished her monthly visit in time for bed.

thats pretty nasty jocoman

Anonymous said...

JE-cancel that order for Sumo wrestlers. I see you already have the photo of Wisconsin Girls Gone Wild. Great pic and happy turkey day.
JY in WI
PS-it was not a slow day at the High School lunch room. I gave it my all and I plan on wearing my hairnet again tomorrow while I baste 'ol Tom.

Anonymous said...

Tmi yall!

Anonymous said...

I'm square w them. yuckel!

Anonymous said...

I give thanks for the raunchiest blog I read! HT!

JOCOeveryman said...

Yea, well if the shoe fits. I'm guessing my wife hasn't read this post yet because she is still talking to me. Truth is she RARELY reads it......prolly good.

Have a good thanksgiving everyone.

Bill the Painter said...

Could have done without that...seriously! ;)

Anonymous said...

Something tells me you are the center of attention at your family events. Not that it should be any other way.