Thursday, December 24, 2009

Not Just Another Merry Christmas Post

my pimped pic!

All the shopping is done.............really. I had to run out last night to pick up a couple Wii controllers because we realized you need more than 2 if you want to field a full band on Christmas morning. Walmart had not a one in house! Me and several other of Santa's little helpers just stared at the empty shelf thinking thinking they might magically appear........nope.

I could feel the panic setting in as I realized I might be on a quest the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger looking for Turbo Man. It was funny how we all stood there just staring at the shelf pondering our next move.

I had list of non Christmas-y items to get as well but darted from the store. They would have to wait.

My mind was racing through the possibilities. Do I start calling around or do I just head to Target, other Walmarts, you know Kung Fu Shopping Crazy..........the likes of which I had fully avoided to this point.

As I left the parking lot I recalled that it seemed there was small video game store in the strip mall NEXT to the Walmart. I pulled in thinking that is way too easy. They are open. Either they don't sell them, are sold out, or they are double the price of a national retailer. WRONG on all accounts. As I open the door of another guy himself making the world a better place as a small business man, rather than being a self proclaimed activist, writer and statesman like someone I know, I find he not only has them but they are the same price as Walmart. No lines. No hassles. No worries.....and a very sincere thank you for the business.

I left thinking there are maybe prolly a dozen people over in Walmart about 400 yards away staring at an empty shelf. What a shame. This guy could ring about $1500 in business in 15 minutes if they only knew.

Remember my list of non-Santa items? Well, I had to go back to Walmart anyway. I quietly made a little sign. Walked back to the Wii section and to the empty shelf attaching it by jabbing it through one of the posts where Wii controllers formerly hung. A couple parents looked at me and said really? I said....yep. I don't know how many but I just bought two there a couple minutes ago. I'm not sure how long the Walmart people allowed it to stay up but maybe it helped a couple people.

It certainly reminded me............shame on me for not going to the little guy first. So many times I do but on other things I just assume and take the easy way. New Year's Resolution numero uno.

So, if you need a game, controller, anything for your game system last minute or the other 364 days of the year check out Trade N Play on State Line. Don't know if he is open today or not but I'd bet he is even if he closes early. I'm sure he would appreciate it.

So......Merry Christmas to each of you. I hope you find a chance to share some love with someone who desperately needs it right now. Peace. Yes, even you Tom. And yes, even to all you Chinese people who keep leaving comments on my blog that I can't understand. I'm apparently big in China!

I thought this was pretty funny actually.

When I get bored today I think I'll start calling stores today and asking if they have any zhu zhu pets or snuggies but I also get a kick out of calling restaurants on Feb 13th and asking with a deadpan tone if I can get a 7 pm reservation for the next night............I know I'm an idiot.

Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for reading.

Next week I'll probably do my best of 2009 and I'm working on some content remodel ideas for 2010.


Anonymous said...

Fab post-puts me in the spirit. Isn't it gratifying to let someone else in on your great find. I did that the other day at Barnes & Noble. I overheard a reference desk clerk tell someone they could pay for merchandise at the Movie/Music register. So I marched over- no lines or people waiting. I made my purchase and on the way out, laughing to myself at the stream of people in line, I informed the very last old lady at the end of it to head on over to the Music register and pay fun! Merry Wii Christmas-that's what I got my kids too. JY in WI

JOCOeveryman said...

Hey Jayne.....yea, it is pretty cool. Well done. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Winston said...

Merry Christmas to all. Thanks for the blog. I enjoy reading.