Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Major Protestant Denomination Demotes Jesus

Funny what you find when you are clicking around looking at Brit Hume stuff. One click takes you here and then there and you never know where you are going to end up. One day I'm finding scat porn reactions on You Tube and the next I'm digging through reports that apparently represent the not so well allocated tithes and offerings of Presbyterians worldwide.......I thought that the money people threw in the old chicken bucket was suppose to go to help the poor and unsaved? Checking the Great Commission.....nope no commands from JC for useless acts of bureaucratic self examination.

And now this........Jocoeveryman is, what would the modern electronic version of the word "penning" be?....clicking?, okay clicking back to back takes on religiosity? Presbyterians have all but demoted Jesus Christ from sole savior of the world to religious also ran. Srly. This confuses me. I thought it was the Jews who didn't believe Jesus is the savior. is some of meat from the study..........

According to the report entitled “Religious and Demographic Profile of
Presbyterians,” nearly half of PCUSA pastors (45 percent) and a majority of
“specialized clergy” (60 percent) surveyed disagree that “only followers of
Jesus Christ can be saved.” Approximately 1 in 5 in both categories
answered “neutral” or “not sure,” making the totals that do not “agree” with the
statement as 65 percent for pastors and 78 percent for specialized
clergy. More than half of “members” and “elders” surveyed answered
similarly. Approximately 1 in 3 members (36 percent) and elders (31 percent)
either disagree or strongly disagree that “only followers of Jesus can be
saved.” In both categories, approximately 1 in 5 is “neutral” or “not

Many Christians might find this upcoming link from the lead picture above offensive......but apparently not most Presbyterians. To a majority of Presbyterians playing Dress Up Jesus evokes no more emotion now than Dress Up Fashion Barbie.

Basically, for you amateur theologians this is a seismic shift in the old "I am the way, the truth and the life. Nobody comes to the Father but through me" theology of our youth. You can't write it off as layperson worldview confusion because the sentiment is felt not only among up and down the pew members that were surveyed but among seminary educated clergy and leadership as well. A deeper look at the study also shows huge changes in attitudes about things like gay marriage, gay leadership and the ordination of openly gay people.

I encourage, er if you are bored, you can read the whole report which basically highlights that more than half of Presbyterians no longer believe that Jesus Christ is the sole savior. Wow.

While they didn't survey on who they thought other possible saviors might be I've taken the liberty (would you expect less) to suggest maybe where their heads might be:
Other possible Presbyterian Saviors:

1. Barack Obama: The world's favorite Negro (as Harry Reid calls him......) WWBOD?

2. Dan Savage: The world's favorite fag (as he calls himself) WWDSD?

3. Handy Manny: Come on my disciples. WWHMD?

4. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog: Dunno, just seemed funny praying to Triumph. WWTICDD?

5. Judas Iscariot: Got a PR firm to repair his image and is making a comeback WWJID?

6. Tom Scherer: Making America a Better Place deserves some consideration WWTSD?

7. Mother Earth: Why not.....according to Climate Change Incorporated she is sacrificing herself for all of mankind. WWMED?

8. The Internet: Electronic Nirvana. WWID

9. Sarah Palin: America's Martyred working mom and MILF. WWSD

10. Mickey Mouse: Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me? WWMMD

That's all I've got. None of them have quite the same ring to them as good old JC. Pretty lame list actually. Give a me a little help. Please feel free to send your own.
I'm not sure what all this means. Do Progressives point to this as progress and ultra conservatives point to this as the next closest thing to the Apocalypse?? Or does it just say that even among what is considered conservative strong holds America is deeply divided? I do know spending 10 minutes reading through about this issue it was clear to me that Presbyterians spend more time fighting with each other over what the believe and who they should let in that actually helping others and that is pretty sad actually.

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